Catch Up

I've been doing a lot of freewriting, poetry, info, details about Nesha and How I Feels lately but I haven't really talked about me personally so I decide to play a little catch up today on Nesha. Just a few things about life and such.

a. I had a flat this week, it slowed me down but didn't stop me. Kinda flustered at the need for so many tires lately and I really wish I would have just left on the "come wit" tires instead of feeling the need for low profiles with 22' rims on a suburban. I've purchased enough times to invest in Firestone.

b. Twin B decided he wanted to make "himself" sexy. Funny thing about sexy vs. razors. You should ask someone who's done it before FIRST! My baby is all razorburned and walking funny. Great story for the Thanksgiving day to my grandchildren in about 15 years!

c. I've been doing lots of grown up things lately. By grown up, I mean things that I've always had someone else handle for me. It's weird to do them for myself and it makes me smile.  I even went to my first movie by myself in 15 years. I think it was the best movie I've ever seen except the first movie I ever saw by myself which was Kill Bill.  I sat in the last row with a bottle of water (had to pass on the popcorn) and a bag of grapes and rasberries. It was unexplainable.

d. The first of Cayden's many permanent teeth has finally popped through. I thought my baby would be toothless for ever. I was so happy I asked him if he wanted an apple.

e. Twin A is scheduled for an MRI on May 10th. I'm hoping for good news. I know God works miracles and fixes hips too.

f. I'm back to horrible insomnia. I've been tired lately through the day. It catches up to me about 2:00pm and I have to fight to stay awake sometimes in the evening.

g. Working out diligently towards my fitness goals for the summer. The nutrition plan sucks and its extemely hard with so much fast food around sometimes. I've been craving Haagen Daz chocolate ice cream lately but I'm fighting it. Summer is almost here. I took my measurements and my fat is 30%. I'm far away from where I need to be. 14% is the goal. Right now I'm not seeing it. On another note I jogged outside for the first time since Spring started this morning at 5am. 3 miles and it felt great to be outside.

h. Thank God for people who think I'm special. They make days easier.  Yes YOU!

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