What I know so far...

...new things are headed my way. (I.e. life and I'll leave it at that) So, I wanted to do a bit of reflecting to see what I've learned in this current season I'm in...

1. Get over it.
[I know the size of the hurt can depend on the timing, but I've realized that pain & offense are two different things. Getting your ego bruised and taking a shot to the heart aren't the same. And while healing is needed for pain, an offense needs only to be released.] I'm working on this.

2. Practice wisdom with honesty.
[The "honesty" trait is not an excuse to be rude. Hurting someone's feelings should be a risk only when speaking of things that matter]

3. Be real, with yourself first.
[This is harder than it sounds. But it is a prerequisite for being real with others. The more you accept and love yourself, the more likely you are to be transparent and open to others.]

4. Reserve something for yourself.
[This is a struggle for me, because I love to share what I write and give my gifts to bless others. However, it is healthy to have some things that are for you. Just you.]

5. Practice saying, "I don't know.".
[The more we allow ourselves NOT to know, the better we are, the smaller we feel, and the bigger the size of our dreams and pursuits.]

6. Be Content.
[Why else did those bankers jump off of buildings during the Great Depression of the late 1920's and 30's?]

7. Watch cartoons.
[Try it...]

8. Read books and write hand-written letters.
[Trust me...]

9. Remember that Love has a definite Source.
[This eliminates worry, desperation, and lonliness in those Valley moments..]


10. Get closure where needed & let go of emotional baggage

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