Just Pondering

From February - 2010
I'm not complicated, just a little cold, a little unromantic, a little unfeeling

slightly selfish and mildly narcissistic.

Only because I've been easy, warm, romantic, tender, feeling, selfless for so many years.

So maybe I have changed...so what....screw it... I'm different, annoying, petty, materialistic and hostile at times. Fight or Flight Right?

Kid knowledge has a peahead but the hamster in my brain is on constant tilt. Staring at the ceiling God and I have these talks. Sometimes I talk to him. Often times he doesn't talk back. Maybe I just can't hear him. Probably because he knows I haven't revealed all. Hmmm, more contemplation.

Demanding : Hey up there...anybody listening. God - please help me get this mess straight in 2010.

April 2010

Its starting to make sense and I'm figuring it out. I'm smiling, slightly Hoodstruck, a bit sarcastic, emotionally drained, plotting, recognizing, freewriting, disassociated with my inner circle of companions, feeling freedom coming faster, shoulders are hanging slightly lower...BUT..I'm still smiling.

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