Your result for The Personality Defect Test ...

You are 57% Rational, 57% Extroverted, 57% Brutal, and 71% Arrogant.

you are the Smartass! You are rational, extroverted, brutal, and arrogant. In fact, you could very well be the anti-Christ, as you are almost the exact opposite of everything Jesus was supposed to be. While Jesus says love your enemy, you say love beating the crap out of your enemy. While Jesus raises the dead, you raise hell. While Jesus walks on water, you tend to sink. You probably consider people who are emotional and gentle to be big pussies who are obviously in lesser stature than you. You have many flaws, despite your seeming intelligence and cool-headedness. For instance, you aren't very nice. In fact, you're probably an asshole. And you are conceited and self-centered. Not only that, but you are very loud and vocal about all this, seeing as how you are extroverted. There is no better way to describe you than as a "smartass", I'm afraid. Perhaps just "ass" would do, too. But that's a little less literary and descriptive. At any rate, your main personality defect is the fact that you are self-centered, mean, uncaring, and brutally logical.

To put it less negatively:

1. You are more RATIONAL than intuitive.

2. You are more EXTROVERTED than introverted.

3. You are more BRUTAL than gentle.

4. You are more ARROGANT than humble.


Hello - My Friday Song

Stacy- Reminded me that this song is the best. Thanks Sis!

The Return of Jaycee and Crazy comes in All Colors

This Jaycee Duggard thing just has my mind in an uproar. I had to literally decompress yesterday after I really sat down and began to think of the magnitude of how this woman's life will just never be the same. It almost enrages you to imagine a life being literally stolen. Is this worse than death? The same feeling comes after seeing some of these prisoners who have done 10-20 years be released after the DNA test reveal that they didn't "do it". Can you imagine being kidnapped at 11 years old and now 18 years later you emerge to the nation...stunned that you are still alive and have literally lived a nightmare. When I first heard that she had children (15, 11)immediately I thought, wow she had a baby at 14 and in a backyard. How scarey must that have been? My next thoughts were filled of the life that she must now lead after not having attended school since 5th grade. Never having gone to a doctor or dentist. Her children, whom have never sat in a classroom, nor been to the doctor, nor interacted with many children if any at all. How will they adjust to the life ahead of them? This family will need many many prayers. God somehow has a way of taking care of children and fools so I pray that Jaycee and her family recover and that Mr. Garrido lives a long long life in prison.

On another note, after going back and forth with friends on this subject on facebook one of my pals made the comment of "is it just me or is it always white people doing this crazy stuff". My response "crazy comes in all colors"....every color is CRAZY and has crazy hidden in their past. The Virginia Tech killer was asian, and if you don't think that's crazy enough let us not forget Mr. "Crazy Himself" Marcus Wesson, a black man who fathered at least nine children with his daughters and nieces and then turned and killed nine of the children once it was exposed and police were on their way. The authorities later found coffins he had built for each family member in the home.

I think the thing that bothers me the most and I'm constantly called nosey by my family for "paying attention" to small things that some may say "that's not my business". The neighbors claim to have called police and alerted them that two little girls were seen living at the home with a known pedophile and authorities did nothing. This man went regularly to meet with his parole officer yet when the officer came to the home he never entered the backyard. I'm amazed. No matter how busy your workload is, if you get to the house it's your job to get nosey. Just as a neighbor alone I've looked in the backyard of both of my neighbors...just to see what's back there. I also check out every car that passes by or makes a u-turn and know the comings and goings of most in my area. That's just me though. If I see your kid outside I'm probably gonna ask what school they go to. This story will only make me MORE NOSEY and pay MORE ATTENTION as we all should even if it makes people uncomfortable. People who are behaving themselves shouldn't be afraid of the police or CPS. Makes you want to go back and review all the Megan's list felons in your city huh? I have.

For the Duggard family, we can only hope that time will heal some of the deep wounds that will live with them forever. I pray that the love of family, community and the Lord will feel their hearts and they will enjoy the many years ahead of them.


Living La Vida Loca

Wooooooooo weeeeeeeeee, I can't believe I actually found an hour! One whole hour. I get to write. I get to write! School started about 2 weeks ago and I've literally been in a SPIN ever since.

Seriously - when 9pm comes I hit the pillow. HARD! Normally on my non-carpool days last year I was greatful for the extra few minutes of sleep. This year my non carpool days for mornings are Monday and Friday and I still seem to be up at the crack of dawn.

I think I've been to the twins school EVERY SINGLE DAY since school started. Last night I even showed up for a meeting that wasn't. Imagine how pissed I was that I pushed to get dinner done, get everyone where they had to be and Cayden fell asleep on the way to the "basketball meeting that wasn't" only to get there, drag the dead weight out of the car with me, throw him over my shoulder, struggle to find the classroom, all the while thinking..."this school is awfully quiet and I'm ten minutes early". DAMMMMITTTTT!!!!

This is the part that will really crack you up. I work in the athletics office at school three days a week so you would have thought an intelligent person such as myself (cheese), would have listened to the announcements? Well technically I do but at the time I was half listening as I attempted to explain to a parent what scrip was.

Cayden has yet to begin daycare but I'm anxiously sitting by the phone awaiting the phone call that he is in and can start "TOMORROW"!!!! He's ready too, I'm sure. Hopefully that call will come...TODAY!

I'm also working on the school's football program and going just a bit crazy I must admit. Between headshots for Varsity players, advertizers that stick a $500 check in an envelope and no ad to go with it, ads lost on different desks and the upcoming season quickly approaching I'm beginning to dream of the day I see this thing in print.

I've managed to make it to the gym once this week which is absolutely killing me. I feel like I'm missing something all day long. I started doubling up on my vitamins and fruits last week after I saw signs of my body starting to break down just a bit. I can always tell when my iron is low and my anemia is calling for me to pay attention.

CJ is really enjoying school and his homework seems much more enjoyable to him this year. His reading is really starting to roll along. I see him counting less with his fingers and more with his brain. His also beginning to stop picking dandilions at football practice. His coach said he is getting much more aggressive and the little bugger even knocked somebody on their butt at the jamboree this weekend.

And so life continues - the craziness that is all mine and I feel as if I have some kind of purpose.

Hugs and love - Me


Too Young For Fame? Mike Beasley

So the question is, has Michael Beasley fallen to the pressure of fame, fortune and the NBA already? Is he another example of a cautionary tale of why our young athletes should be required to enjoy the college life a little longer before falling to the pack of wolves that lay in the NBA after a one and done career in college?

Maybe we won't know this for a few more years but what we do know is that Mike has had some type of "episode".

The Heat's bouncing baby boy took to Twitter on Friday to show off a new tattoo -- and ended up in rehab for depression, among other things.

Surprisingly, the words "Super Cool Beas" inked across his back with sunglasses dangling next to a pair of wings weren't the notable part of Beas' TwitPic-in the background of the image sat two rather suspicious-looking baggies.

Twit fans noticed the contents looked an awful lot like a substance to which kids should say no (though it's truly impossible to say for sure, especially when lawyers read this), and helpfully pointed it out in comments.

In the "this makes you seem extremely (high and) guilty department," Beasley dropped a couple of alarmingly distraught non-denials before canceling his Twitter account:

Y do I feel like the whole world is against me!!!!!!! Back on my FTW!!!!! I can't win for losin!!!!!!!!!!

Feelin like it's not worth livin!!!!!!! I'm done

not feelin this at all!!!!!

Apparently Pat Riley wasn't feelin' this at all, either, because according to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, Beasley has checked into a Houston-area rehab facility run by former NBA player and coach John Lucas.

The baggie buzz would certainly have angered the Heat, though an indeterminable item in a fuzzy picture, taken in Beasley's own home, would in all likelihood have escaped punishment by the league. But accidentally posting an image with said illegal substances was one more incident to add to the immaturity and respect for authority problems that have plagued Beasley since...forever, and his quasi-suicidal response is just another example of the trouble he's had dealing with NBA issues at 20 years old. He told reported that many times during the season, he felt "everyone was against me."

He was fined $50,000 last fall for a weed partying incident during the NBA's symposium in which they were teaching players how to avoid weed incidents. He was constantly fined for off-court violations throughout his rookie season. Teammates and coaches criticized - sometimes publicly - his poor concentration, lack of discipline, and ability to annoy others. The Heat even hired Alonzo Mourning to teach him how to function off the court, though clearly even Zo couldn't stop that tattoo from happening.


Vick Returns

I've been working on this one for a few days and waiting a bit for the ruckus to die down. Honestly though, who am I kidding. I'm just excited as any TRUE lover of football that my boy is back.

I got into a discussion yesterday about the feelings of some regarding Vick and before I even go into my feelings this was one response.

"He sucked before, killed and funded the killing of dogs, and he'll return to the NFL to suck again."

Come one dude...be honest with yourself. Michael Vick and suck have never come in the same sentence. I won't even go into the records he broke at Virginia Tech and all his college stats. In his 6 years in the NFL he had rushing 4,000 yards, 11,000 passing Yards, 71 passing TDs, 21 rushing TDs, and that's just the MINOR stuff that the basic non-football fan would care about. Micheal Vick NEVER SUCKED! See for yourself.

Which leads us to the now. A man who admittedly killed dogs and funded a dogfighting ring, served 18 months in federal prison, has been to more therapy sessions, watched more animal cruelty video, will give more speeches on animal cruelty, not to mention the MILLIONS gone, bankruptcy and shame of the nation. He AND his children will forever wear the last name Vick and he is currently the most hated man in professional sports. He will be shunned by many at most away games and his family dinners will be interrupted by obnoxious dog-lovers from now to eternity who feel the need to never give him a second chance. He has gone from making $130 Million to $1.5. What more do you want?

I will say this again and again and again. I am not a dog lover, can't stand cats (as a matter of fact I've been known to pour buckets of water on strays who find my yard interesting), never had a bird, hamster, turtle...you get the picture. I just don't understand people who shoot deers and birds for sport...okay okay I won't go there but you get the picture.

Now, I do have a small problem with the Eagles picking him up but only for a couple of reasons. I realize they are a big enough program to shoulder what is to come but honestly... If Andy Reid finds a way to get him on the field for 10 snaps per game and Vick becomes an unstoppable weapon. If this happens the weapon may win over the distraction. My guess is Roger Goodell lets him play by the third week.

“We think he brings some elements to the things we can do on the football field that will help enhance our chances of winning the Super Bowl this year,” Eagles president Joe Banner said. “And it’s really that simple.”

The Eagles and Vick, however, are just a bad fit, for a bunch of reasons. This is a tough, blue-collar town. They take sports very seriously. Sports talk radio can be brutal. Eagles fans once pelted Santa Claus with snowballs and cheered when Michael Irvin went down with a career-ending neck injury. Vick would have been better off in Green Bay, where they love all their players, or Buffalo, which somehow has fallen in love with T.O. We won't even go into what happens if he comes back "goes off" and Donovan gets benched again...This will be so much more interesting than The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Finally, we as parents, role models, etc. teach our children when you make a mistake apologize, DO better! Just because you make mistakes does not mean life is over. Don't we teach our children that? I know I do. What terrible mistakes are hidden in your families closet of secrets? We all have also been taught some things that were wrong by "supposed" role models. We have no idea what Vick grew up being taught up dogs, fighting, etc. Who are we to judge. He has made his apologies and served his punishment. Are you so upset because he is getting a second chance? He's done everything asked of him and thank goodness someone is saying let's give this man and his family second try instead of throwing him to the wolves and letting him being a another crackhead story on Inside Sports. Sooner or later someone is gonna have to foot the bill for an out of work NFL player with bills and kids. I think if I was Michael Vick I'd have to think about a million dollar contract vs. what hell he'll be put through before he Show and Proves. I'll try my chance at the lottery ticket I play each week. Congrats Mike!


Good News

This morning was just a bit overwhelming between trying to get all the boys off to school this morning. FIRST DAY 10TH GRADE! Whoop Whoop. In the process of trying to get the twins out the door the garage collapsed and barely missed my car. It came off the track with the truck still inside. Thank goodness for my two boys. They managed to get it on track good enough to push it up and hold it up while I backed up. We barely made it out after they had to return back to the house to scrub all the dirt and grim off. I arrived at their school at 8:00 and made it back across town to get CJ out the door and to school.

I was a little flustered when I got back home but I got a great phone call in the middle of it all. I've been up a little lately thinking about bills, tuition, the economy the future and such. My friend on the line called to say not to worry about anything because it was all worked out. I can't really go into details much. Sorry guys public forum but I can relax a little. I'm very happy.

Second good news is that a friend shared some school information with me last week. I told her how frustrated I was that Twin A had been put into Contemporary Foods, a non-transferrable class that is IN MY OPINON worthless. I mean come on, I can teach my son how to cook and prepare foods at home. They gave him health as well. TWO garbage classes? My friend shared with me that buried in the middle of the English classes was Rhetoric, a great elective that is also on the NCAA clearinghouse list. Love it! Well, loved it until I went to try to enroll him in the class and there was no room. Gggggrrrr!

I got the call yesterday that they found room for him and he's in. Whoop Whoop!
And now I'm off any running. Make it a great day!


Hot Already

I woke up at 5:30am this morning and it was already hot in the Central Valley! Yesterday was a little difficult but I pushed through and decided against the Blue or the Red and went with a great workout and a 5 Hour Energy Drink. I also included a little challenge for myself that should keep my mind going along with all the other craziness of school starting, football starting, work, classes and my other little projects. I'm going to try to FULLY AND COMPLETELY give myself a structured diet for a month just to see if I can really get my body where I want it. I have never had to diet and stay away from the fads but I've finally decided to follow my own advice to get that final bit off and achieve what I've been working on for the last year. It's hard to stick to brown rice and grilled chicken when you have children in the home but I'm going to will myself to the complete diet for one month. I started early this morning with some very plain oatmeal and I'm hungry all ready so I'm beginning for 10am to come so I can slam something else.

Anyway, I'm off to my day. Found a great Jay Z / Coldplay song while filling up my ipod yesterday. I like the beat more than anything else. Thought I would share. Enjoy your day.


Crab-Booty if you ask me!

Okay okay so you all know I'm a bit sports chick and so of course my eyes landed on the screen on Sportcenter after hearing that the newest hotboy of 49ers status, Michael Crabtree has decided to sit out due to contract negotiations.

Wow! I'm just simply amazed. If you are the typical football player Crabtree your life has been somewhat like this - you've been on the field since you were 7-8 years old trying to play this game,laying in your bed at night just begging for a chance for someone to look at you, two a days, three a days. Long hot summers and cold winter nights. Recruiters, Sharks, good coaches, bad coaches, hot weight rooms, bad test scores,youth championships, highschool championships, worrying about the SAT and all the bull that goes along with trying to make it to the BIG SHOW....just for this moment...just cause you LOVE TO CATCH A FOOTBALL! Well I guess now you forgot that some days mommy and daddy didn't have two nickels to rub together or a pot to piss in. Now cause the Niners don't want to give you $23.5 million and you are prepared to sit out a year to prove your point??? BOY YOU AIN'T NO PLAYER!!! GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!

You know that scene in Remember the Titans were the blacks and the white finally come together and the kids start screaming STRONG SIDE and smacking each other. Well we watch that every year before football season and we get pumped just like it was the first time we've ever seen the movie. Then we watch Varsity Blues, Friday Night Lights and Any Given Sunday just to make sure we still got that feeling. YEAH BABY! There is not a PLAYER I know that wouldn't do what they love EVERYDAY for league minimum if you told them that's all you were gonna give them, take it or leave it.

Now maybe league min. is a little far-fetched but do you really thinking you are in a position to say, "I'll sit out if I don't get $23.5??? The ridiculousness of a guy who’s never caught a professional pass deeming $20-something million is crazy and is a testament to the troublesome way the NFL pays its rookies. A sense of youthful entitlement combined with a flawed system so that the unproven rookie often makes more than many veteran All-Pros.

Don't get me wrong–NFL players EARN their money- a HUGE percentage leave the game as near-cripples dealing with neurological problems. Crabtree still needs to get to camp and focus before worrying about his millions he may earn.

His attempt is to try to get paid off perception, not reality. Pre-draft hype? Come on guy! REALLY?

Crabtree may be a better player than Heyward-Bey, but let's also remember that he played on a high-profile Texas Tech team and scored a dramatic touchdown to upset Texas. Heyward-Bey played for a small Maryland team. Easily why the fans would lean towards him in a "mock draft". Because fans and media are more excited about Crabtree means absolutely nothing.

The Raiders believed Heyward-Bay was better than Michael Crabtree and they put an large contract behind it. So in my opinion it is Crabtree's job to go out and prove that he is worthy, not just talk about a mock draft or what he "believes" he can do once he gets his money.



Bad Habit (Maxwell) - Revisit

So now that the video is out I had to revisit this one. DAMN BOO. Why you wanna hurt 'em like that. I cannot get enough of this man and his music. An EMPHATIC...YES!


Mr. C - Yes you are STILL the man

Although I'm sure there are still many deserving people locked away in foreign prisons I was so elated watching the news yesterday to see that the two journalists had been pardoned and that our former President with the massive people appeal had a hand in it. I got a little teary eyed as they stepped off the plan this morning and the hugs were exchanged. I'm still a little disturbed as to way one would travel abroad and "mistakenly" enter a territory that could get them 12 years of hard labor for a "investigative story". It troubles me a bit more to wonder if the same would be done for me. Wonder why he troubles me. I know Bill Clinton wouldn't. Then again...I'm not going anywhere near North Korea.

Anyway, it's a great FEEL GOOD STORY that we needed this summer.