Song In My Head

Its just sick that I base music on if it makes me lift heavier...doing 30lbs on the arm curls with this new one. GO DRAKE!

House of Love

This is one of our favorite songs...the video concept touched my heart. Enjoy


If you are blessed enough

to have someone you love say you are beautiful...it is an incredible feeling. 

In my life I've had times when I've been unconfident about my body, looks, personality etc., but being told by the man you love that you are beautiful erases all of that.

What If's

The present

What if I never wondered what if (since I can’t go back in time to retrace my steps anyway )

and just went on with my life, accepting the choices I’ve made, and trying to make better decisions than I’ve made in the past? What if you considered your mistakes beautiful?
The future
what if;
You lived everyday like it was all that mattered.

You put your passion to work 24/7.

You changed everything.

The structure around you was just an illusion.

Things were infinite in all directions.

Nothing was as out of reach as it seems.

You stopped overthinking and started acting.

You focused on the small things to achieve big.

You learned one new thing every day.

You decided to stand up and stand out.

You showed your true personality.

You considered your mistakes beautiful.

We all found a common ground.

You helped give someone new a chance.

You worked to improve things bit by bit everyday.

You were exactly who you wanted to be.

You approached everything without fear.

You defined a career mission.

You were the one changing the world instead of watching the world change.

You worked backwards.

You stopped looking in just one direction.

You cared about being remarkable more than making money.
You used your influence for good.

You took action today.

You didn’t just follow, you made genuine connections.

You spent time each week trying to inspire someone.

You ignored those around you who are jaded and surrounded yourself with the right influences.

Your work was just like breathing.

You embraced forgiveness.

You weren’t afraid to join the conversation.

You kept a positive mindset, even when things aren’t perfect.
You knew then what you know now.

You took a chance.

You decided to set yourself apart from the crowd.

You worked to achieve your dreams instead of just dreaming them.

Problem Is...

My creative juices are on a rampage lately. It's keeping me from being able to truly focus on one thing.  By this I mean that my ideas are just on overload. Ward Sports is in full swing and I can't decide which project should come next.  There are some ways to monetize my blog that I've been offered and I want to make the right decision.  My script writing is bizzonckers right now. I know there are so many rejects but I'm on overdrive with the screenplays and possibilities in my mind.  Just listening to people talk sometimes makes me say, "wow, great book idea"..."whoa...great screenplay".  I found a screenwriters class but there somethings I have to sometimes do in secret so that my folks don't think I'm crazy...what I mean by this is that there are SO many things I want to accomplish and try in the next few years. Quite simply, my bucket list is GROWING!

Top Six:
Sell a Screenplay
Write a book
Finish my degree
Learn Sign Language
Perfect my spanish
Take top 3 in a physique contest

slightly insane, dedication needed HUGELY for every single one. Not to mention this is only my top 6.  In the meantime, the winter league is ramping up and I'm about a 1/3 of the way to the membership I want to have by 12/4.  Lots of girls this year. Interesting! I love it. 

My two newest clients are two sisters ages 14 and 10 and definetly hard workers.  I notice they are much harder to break than the older ladies. They tire me out before I wear them down. I think sometimes I do too much of the workout after doing my own in the morning because I have to rest just as much as they do sometimes, but I'm definetly starting to see some change in their bodies and their strength. I love it.

For now...I push towards this continued to peace that I now have and I'm so happy that joy is abundant.

PS - My daddy has just become the new assistant Pastor of his church in Texas. I'm so happy for him and my mommy. They deserve it all.

All love,


Movie Time

I'm not much of a movie watcher. I like documentaries, history and forensics but my favorite movies are about love and the melodrama that surrounds it. In any other movie genre I like originality. I like not knowing how it's going to end. I like being at the edge of my seat, but with movies about love, I love predictability. I like the idea of someone finding their love, losing them due to some misunderstanding (or family issue, racism, crime, drama, wrong time of life etc) and eventually getting back with them, and the two of them living happily after. Yes, I now am willing to admit that I am a hopeless romantic. I thought if I wrote it enough times I could talk myself out of it but it's true.  I believe in love and the power of it to be able to conquer all. I love Pretty Woman, About Last Night, PS I love you and An Officer and a Gentleman...but I'll be honest...the greatest love stories in my book are my african american cinema...we love hard, we love good, we love rich and poor. We curse it out, pray for it, fight for it, punch at it, condemn it, kill for it...but mostly black actors seem to make me just feel it!

My favorite is perhaps Brown Sugar, Claudine, and Love & Basketball. My ALL TIME favorite Mahogany. My other tier includes The Best Man, Jason's Lyric, and Jungle Fever.

Of course Pretty Woman was a feel good movie but not likely. It still makes me smile though.

Demi Moore has always been a favorite and at an early age I was drawn to About Last Night, a movie about when it happens to fast and you overlook small things chaos and finally destruction happens.

PS, I love you is a cute little movie about love and death and how people move on. I found myself feeling so badly for the lead character but in the end so happy for her growth.

Officer and a Gentlemen. Need a say more. I still want to have a man come pick me up at work and carry me out with my legs wrapped around him everytime I see this movie.  The shower scene in which Richard Gere cries and holds his friend who has just committed suicide is still a scene I watch like I've never seen it before...and him and Lou Gossett make this movie a hit for life.

Brown Sugar. wow...what more can I say. I love this movie. I think what I love most is when they are sitting on the bench in the park and he tells her that he reads her column every single month.  I love that park of the movie. I catch myself smiling while I'm watching it, especially when they are wrapping to each other "I met this girl when I was 10 years old and what I love about her, she had so much soul.  That song be reminding me of us". Love it!

Claudine. Greatness even before I was more.  If you haven't seen this, you better ask somebody. Better yet, rent it! If you can't find love in the hood, in the projects, which a million kids when you on welfare and your man is garbage man. You can't find it anywhere.  The dramatic scene in which the pregnant daughter comes home to tell Claudine and gets beat with a brush is a scene that will never leave me but the joy I felt when they all (and I mean all) going to jail together in the end...THAT'S LOVE!

Love and Basketball. How can you not love a movie about black people and love. A good one at that.  I didn't have a favorite scene except for maybe at the end seeing him on the court watching with his daughter watching mommy. I enjoyed the entire movie and for some reason everytime it comes on tv, I watch it over and over.

Mahogany. Anyone who loves me knows this is my favorite love story of all time. I know the words through and through. It reminds of when I was a kid watching my mommy get dressed but the bond between Diana and Billy is untouchable...except for in Lady Sings the Blues...my other favorite so I combined them because to me they are one and the same. My two favorite scenes:   

The Eaglet

Have you ever studied Eagles? Recently I heard a very interesting story about them. I promised that I would share this story with my friends and family because it was so amazing to me.  Eagles are the only birds that mate for life. Their life span is 20-30 years and if one mate dies the other may find a new mate but they stay in the same nesting territory. 

Now all this is well and sweet and the fact that Eagles are monogamous is wonderful but the thing I found so interesting was the female eagle.  Her ritual is just so pure and "motherly".  For weeks, sometimes even months she drops a twig near her potential mate and he swoops down and grabs the twig. She flies higher and drops the twig and he flies down and grabs it before it can hit the ground. She continues to fly even higher in anticipation that the Eagle will fly down and grab that twig over and over again and each time she drops it from the highest of heights...he grabs it.  She doesn't get tired. She plays this little mating game until she is satisfied that he is THE ONE. You still don't get it? You will. Watch for it.

Now when she makes him "her's" and allows him to bound with her for life and create eaglets, he has proven that he can care for her and her babies.  Once the eaglets arrive it is her job to teach them to fly.  The eaglet is the only bird that does not come from the womb knowing how to fly instinctively.  It must be taught.  Momma eagles takes the bird up to the highest of highs and drops them, continuously until they "get it".  Some may fly...some may fall to their death but the majority of the time, those who do not get it right away must be dropped and caught. Now you get it huh? Who's doing the catching? Old papa eagle down there is watching his post.  He's caught enough twigs in mid air to be able to catch his little babies by now. 

Moral of the story to my sisters out there...when making babies with Tom, Penis and Harry...make sure your baby daddy can catch a twig before you let him "catch you"...for life.


Some thoughts

Just playing with my thoughts today:

You decide every moment of everyday who you are and what you believe in. You get a second chance every second.  We must ignore the rain and look for rainbows.

I don't want to have everything I ask for because it might not be what I'm supposed to have. I only want to have what God wants me to have. It would be better for me in the end. I've learned that...the hard way.


I love this....


Me in 30 Words

diplomatic, God-fearing, complicated, polite, curious, shy, good-natured, exotic, odd, loving, methodical, introspective, witty, open, spontaneous, creative, loving, patient, disciplined, neurotic, kind, intimidating, generous, selfish, unselfish, true, right-brained, dreamer, loved, learning.


A Couple of Proverbs

One generation plants the trees; another gets the shade.

– Chinese Proverb

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in
–Greek proverb


Proverbs 26:11. "As a dog returns to his own vomit, so a fool repeats his folly."


What My Boys Do! - Work

Saint Mary's High School - Trust your ending point!


Women - Can't we all just get along?

I've never had a ton of female friends. Don't get me wrong, I love meeting new people, but it's way easier for me to make friends with the opposite sex. When it comes to women (or should I say girls), something always gets in the way of what could have been a potentially great friendship. Somewhere down the line, she'll "switch up" & become a completely different person. I've seen girls transform from sweet & down-to-earth to jealous, petty, & stank almost overnight. Not only are men easier to deal with, women put too much emphasis on the wrong things and who's "greater than" when it comes to friendship. It's all about how you make them look when it should actually be about what you have in common and how you support each other. In other words, if you out-shine her in any way, she might take that as a a threat & kick you to the curb. In some cases, she'll keep you but talk about you behind your back the first chance you get. 

I thought as I got older this would fade and maturity would take over but as a girl it is, hair, clothes, make up, your boyfriend, your parents car, looks and gossip.  As a women it is all those same things except it includes, kids, husbands, jobs, cars, houses etc.  It's really quite sad that sometimes you can't share a story about your child without your girlfriend trying to "one-up" you.  Get your hair done and you'll know its cute if know one compliments you...but go through some drama...and boy...they circle like flies.

A little perspective on why I think women can't seem to stay friends:

Quantity over quality.
Most of the women in the age group of 18-25 would prefer having a million fake friends over 1 or 2 real ones. As you get older you will notice women seems to break away from that and only have 1 or 2 good friends.

Friendly competition is natural, but constantly trying to out-do someone is just petty.

A single, attractive man is probably the easiest way to put a rift between two basic broads who don't see why the other deserves him more. Meanwhile, he's not thinking about either one of them. As a grown married woman, don't let your husband be worth a dang and show you affection in front of your friends...they'll not only hate, but start a fight with their husband over it and have him hating your husband. :-)

Don't befriend gossipers, then turn around & get mad when you're the one being gossiped about. The rule I've found is if they talk about the person that they hang around with most, you can ASSURE they are talking about you.

If you suspect she's jealous, that's because she is. There's a reason why she always finds something wrong with you, or never gives you props when you achieve something or know you look great (you know when you know you looking good, not just thinking you looking good).

Girls tend to feed off of it. Women run from it.
The friend thing should go both ways. If her car breaks down, you're the first one to come pick her up. When yours breaks down, she's throwing up the dueces... Not a good look.

I've found that my best friends tend to be a little older than me or have known me when I wasn't "spit". They are proud of how my life is and how hard I work to make life better for my family. Treat your old friends like Gold and shake the drama, selfishness, jealousy and competitors.