ABC's of ME

The ABCs of Me

A: Age - 36
B: Bed Size - Cal King
C: Chore you hate - Scrubbing the Stove
D: Dad's name - Roy
E: Essential start your day item - Check the Blackberry
F: Favorite color - Green
G: Gold or Silver - Silver.
H: Height - 5'7"
I: Instruments you play - The text keys
J: Job title - Trainer.
K: Kid(s) - 4
L: Living arrangements - house in the burbs
M: Mom's name - Jessie.
N: Nickname - Nesha.
O: Overnight hospital stay - Five times.
P: Pet peeve -bad drivers.
Q: Quote from a movie -"I'll shut up, been when he leave, I be talking again"
R: Right or left handed - Right
S: Siblings - 2 sisters.
T: Time you wake up - 5:30.
U: Underwear - not if i can get away with it
V: Vegetable you dislike -Eggplant.
X: X-rays you've had - shoulders and back.
Y: Yummy food you make - gumbo, spaghetti
Z: Zoo animals you like -monkeys

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