Summer Olympic Recap

  • The Opening Ceremonies
  • Usain Bolt is Half Man Half Amazing
  • Athlete Profiles
  • Michael Phelps...the man!
  • Track and Field...every bit of it
  • BBC Coverage
  • The Thrill of Victory
  • Fake nationlism
  • Who will test postive?
  • US Medal winners taxed thousands by the IRS
  • Gabby hair controversy
  • NBC's horrible delayed coverage
  • The agony of defeat

The Boys are off to school

I feel very disconnected...many things on my plate but I can't even think of one...I miss them terribly already.



Ambition is priceless
It’s something that’s in your veins
And I put that on my name
For my Ambition
Easy to dream a dream, though it’s harder to live it
They gon love me for my Ambition

Everynow and then a song comes along that fits my life, my mood, my cardio...my walk....
The gon love me for my Ambition...easy to dream a dream...

I push so hard during my workouts. I look at my sons and I wish that I could shrink myself into their bodies and give all the dedication, desire, fire and committment tha I have in me to them, so they will never know what it would be like to have regret of not giving their all.  I want the world to love them for their ambition.

And now, I begin the restart of my walk towards my ambition....easy to dream a dream though it's harder to live it.