Ten Things I am Grateful for

  • I am still standing
  • I fear no man, but God
  • Mom and Dad
  • Sons are developing into a much-needed mixture of book/street smarts
  • Love
  • An emotionally-connected relationship
  • The burning desire to make better decisions for myself
  • Real friends
  • The brain to talk the talk, the heart to walk the walk
  • Ability to forgive those who have used me, cause they themselves are being used by others
  • Autumn Likes and Dislikes

    • bowl of homemade soup
    • holidays, birthdays
    • football, in full effect
    • basketball
    • no humidity: smell of cool, crisp, fresh air
    • gloriously, colorful leaves on trees
    • love the love we are making
    • soon as I get home
    • sleep better
    • imminent struggle to leave bed in the morning 
    • Black Friday
    • Halloween
    • gets darker earlier
    • cold rain
    • skyrocketed gas bills
    • trees slowly losing weight
    • winter season quietly awaits