My Bucket List

Couple things I want to do before I hit 40...just sayin

Get a passport
Take a cruise
Finish my novel
See Jay Z in concert
Walk the stage
Get BI
Learn a foreign language enough to fluently speak it
See a Broadway show, on Broadway in NYC!
Eat a meal on Bourbon Street
Take a girls' get a way
Dress like a grown-up
Get a professional facial
Go hiking
Go Vegan for a month
Save $10000
Publish a poem in a lit journal
Write a short script
Know what defines my happiness
love hard and without interruption
Run a marathon
Have an 800 credit score
Cook More (eat less fast food)
Get a meaningful tattoo
Take professional pictures before I dont care
Take a cooking class
Do an all day spa treatment
Take better care of my skin & hair
Find a side hustle
Travel much more
Have more fun!!

1 comment:

  1. That is a great list. I hope that you get to enjoy all of those pleasures!