Positivity - Never

In an effort to stop being an extremely whiney baby lately I had to remind myself of a list I made my very first year of college. I found it this week getting rid of some old paper. Interesting how life changes and how much zest for life you have as a kid.
The Professor asked us to create a list of NEVERS! and to save it and look at it in 2 years. I messed up. I'm just now looking at mine almost 13 years later.


•Doubt God

•Doubt yourself

•Hate anyone

•Stay on the ground where you fell

•Intentionally do people wrong


•Treat people worse than you would want people to treat you

•Put up with abuse of any kind

•Let people tell you that you can’t do something

•Take someone’s love for granted

•Let an opportunity for love pass you by

•Be dishonest when someone asks for your honest opinion

•Hang out with anyone that makes you feel bad about yourself

•Marry for any reason other than love

•Forget that a relationship is hard work

•Stand someone up

•Commit a crime if you don’t want to do the time (if you get caught)

•Expect that you’ll wake up tomorrow morning

•Forget that ANYTHING, ANYTHING worth having is worth working hard for

•Forget that the biggest revenge is to look even better and to be a success

•Replace your best, oldest, reliable friends with new fair-weather friends

•Make fun of people you deem to be less than you

•End a call with a good friend, family member or loved one without saying I love you

•Complain about something that might be an inconvenience but can be resolved

•Hold a grudge

•Mistreat kids, women, the elderly-never mistreat anyone

•Buy something you don't need

•Say never

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