6 Things

Continuing this whole "More about Nesha" Week thing. I'm enjoying it.


...that you may or may not know about me...

6. I love to laugh.(but I don't often)
I wish I did it more often. Any type of humor is okay with me...even the style that is controversial. Humor is only inappropriate within the context of its environment. (ie: You don't make racist jokes at an NAACP council meeting.) As for my own sense of humor, I suck. I'm corny. I cause more awkward silences/pauses more than I make people laugh. But yet, I try. Because I struggle with taking things, most of all myself, too seriously...

5. Tradition annoys me.
I believe that tradition is good for foundation's sake, but only that. If we never seek to build on that foundation, then we will depreciate the value of what is being built. I will esteem the ancient, but I will also strive to move forward; embracing change.

4. I am insightful.
I say this not in boast, because this is a blessing and a curse. Growing up, I knew all about my parents problems, because I felt stress in my home sometimes. I can tell when somethings wrong with people I barely know. Sometimes, I sense dishonesty and "evil". I have "bad feelings" that have usually been correct. At times I listen to this insight, and there are times when I ignore them. But I know that is why I'm more cautious than most.

3. I love my kids friends.
My boys don't have friends that I don't love and think of as my own. The big boys may have some friends with issues but I love them just the same. There are many things that are trying to kill the potential of our children, and no one seems to sense the unspoken urgency that I do to be a mentor to them at all costs. Plus, one of the highest privileges a woman can have is to be a mother that other children like (in my opinion).

2. I think...literally...all day.
I heard from a teacher that human beings use only 25-30% of their total brain mass. I think I use up to 45%. Ha. And not necessarily on intellect...but on my thoughts. I caught myself earlier thinking about 3 different things at once, and when I forced myself to think about nothing, it actually led to me thinking about different conversations I'd had with people about thinking too much. And so on, and so on....hahah. So yeah, I think too much. ::smirking::

1. Love is my highest & deepest desire.
In every form and fashion. I want to experience it in all the ways it was created to be. If I can't have it deep and passionately, I don't want it at all. I realize that may be unrealistic. I don't care. I love God.I love my family. I love my parents, I love my sisters, I love my friends. Everyone wants love, I understand this but I need to know I am loved without condition. I need to feel that. It's like breath to me.

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