Some Stuff

•something about Floyd Mayweather's Smile (it makes me smile back)
•Keyshia Cole's singing voice, reminds me of the old Mary J.
•Frostwire for my ipod
•cute tank tops
•Muscle Max Full blown Explosion
•The NFL Draft
•The "new message" indicator like on my BB
•Great Lyrics over a tight beat (I say it all the time)
•Pics of me and the boys
•Every bit of Chris Rock's "Neva Scared"...I couldn't laugh..it was too real and on point

•that truly good music with feel good words don't exist anymore.
•the hate on Barack
•my indecision on certain topics. It truly bothers me.
•people who can't discuss without taking it personal
•obnoxious people
•that Guru is now gone
•forgetting to turn my cellphone ringer off at work
•that I find myself sometimes agreeing with Bill O'Reily
•emails that include every address it's ever been sent to.

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