Ten Questions

1. Biggest challenge to Obama's re-election bid: economy or racism or disinterested voters.

2. Sports: An underrated Kevin Durant or hyped LeBron James or proven Kobe Bryant.

3. Spoken word: Staceyann Chin or Nikki Giovanni.

4. Alicia Keys or Beyonce.

5. Obeying the Word of God or exercising God-granted free will.

6. Mothers Day or Fathers Day.

7. Expensive shirts or expensive pants or expensive shoes.

8. Which stage presence is more powerful: singer holding note or weeping sounds of guitarist.

9. More stunning: Stacey Dash or Diamond in her prime.

10. More stimulating: Intimacy or Great Sex.



Sunday mornings

Mental orgasms

Perfect headphones

starting the week off on a positive note

Summer season

Strawberry Letter No. 23 Theme Music
Melanie Fiona's new album

words of compassion, words of peace

McDonald's Lowfat Ice cream on a cone

Skip Bayless

times where my faith isn't strong enough

people who constantly ramble

when I have a strange feeling

when bad things happen to good people

senseless murders

they don't make songs like this anymore

beating-the-red-light temptation

when ice cream melts too fast

Things I just do not understand...

How any man or woman honestly expects a routine one-night stand to lead to a whirlwind romance and wedding

Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle

How it's humanly possible for anyone to live in this world without believing in God, a higher power

How such a talented basketball player such as LeBron James has been in the league 9 years and still hasn't won an NBA championship...hhmmm maybe soon huh

The irrational, over the top hatred for President Barack Obama

People who look directly into your eyes and clearly see you're not interested in the conversation, yet continue talking and talking and talking

How one can establish more of an emotional connection with a complete stranger, opposed to a person who lays besides you
Why any woman would ever want to think like a man because for those of us who do it's quite irritating.

How these amazing creatures came from my body

I Respect It

God, the creator of all things

people who obey the Word of God


my conscience

good moms and dads who don't need to say, "I'm a great mom or dad"

mutual love

hard work

actor Denzel Washington's body of work

people who respect themselves


a good sports debate
Those who get it, and don't judge once they do

The Power of True Love and it's test of time

Proverbs 9:10

my sons' opinion

dedicated teachers

dedicated friends
DL Hughley

Young and Black in America

For the past two months or so, I've had the privilege of discussing the shooting death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin with a few co-workers and friends, black and white. Each time, the conversation shortened among us, due to an inability to positively discuss racial matters in a supposedly post-racial society. As one known for quickly getting to the heart of a matter I firmly believe in pushing the proverbial envelope, even if it means ruffling some collars. Sometimes, collars need to be ruffled. I've learned - people of all races tend to lose whatever disguises once you get under their skin, no matter the age.

"They don't give a f*ck about us" - Tupac Shakur

For the most part, everyone agreed Martin's death could've been avoided had George Zimmerman not pursued the Florida teen as aggressively as he did. While none found problem with Zimmerman alerting authorities of "suspicious activity" while patrolling the Sanford neighborhood in his car, a few questioned his motives. What fueled Zimmerman's actions? Burglaries had previously occurred in the area.

Strangely enough, not everyone agreed Zimmerman is guilty as charged. They reasoned he had the right to defend himself, regardless of who initiated physical contact. Of course no one really knows who threw the first punch, except Zimmerman and Martin. And Martin's dead. And dead men cannot talk. So, for that reason alone, Zimmerman received benefit of the doubt, despite refusal to remain inside the vehicle as repeatedly advised.

Whites insisted Zimmerman stood his ground, while blacks argued Trayvon Martin hardly deserved to be laid face down on the ground.


If asking, I personally believe Zimmerman racial-profiled Trayvon Martin. As many do, who find themselves caught in the hype of believing all young black males are criminals. A scenario which certainly isn't unfathomable considering the stigma that exists in America. Not to mention the number of young and incorrigible black males who constantly perpetuate such widespread belief, on a whole. Thug Life, as often referred.

We don't want to go there, do we?

Problem is - Zimmerman guessed wrong. A fact that could've possibly been forgiven had he allowed officers the opportunity to do their job. If so, at least Martin might still be alive. I emphasize, might, based upon the nonchalant attitude of detectives upon witnessing Martin's dead body. We only hope those cops would've held their fire after they'd drawn and aimed guns at Trayvon Martin.

Again, let's not go there.

As George Zimmerman did.

Being the case, I ask: What if both Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman were black. Would there be such public outcry?

Things I don't understand

LinkedIn - No interest as of yet

How a grocer-sold Red Baron pizza tastes better than Pizza Hut brand

Why I can't bring myself to like Lebron James (I know....I"m a hater)
why true friends aren't shown all the respect in the world

The whole Lady Ga-Ga hoopla


why women are so afraid of bugs, yet unafraid to remove hair by its roots

why men says, "You whatever you want." Then catches an attitude once you do

why hardly anyone believes stories of people who've died, went to Heaven, then returned to Earth


Feeling it lately...so many things I like, so many things I don't. I'm wishy washy lately. Happy then sad, Happy then angry, Sad then Happy, Irritated then annoyed...patience is little. Anyway...needed to post. Here goes. I need to get HAPPY again.

NBA Finals matchup: Durant vs LeBron (Get Him Durant)

Nutella is a great treat but it tastes like chocolate. I love it!
makes me want to get naked

this scene from Belly

inspired to blog, as of late. Thank you Hoodstruck
early morning cardio around the neighborhood


my new grill plates makes my talapia awesome
positive, motivating forces

changes in the mirror, makes me know I'm working.


running late. I don't like it, I hate it

people who knock, loudly

talk show hosts who rudely talk over guests

Boxing: Pacquiao robbed in title fight

my chocolate craving


people who believe Obama is trying to overthrow government

people who drink liquor until they pass out

they don't make songs like this anymore


My love for Tupac - Likes/Dislikes

LIKEScritically-acclaimed body of work

fave movie: Juice/Poetic Justic - Tie
fave song: So Many Tears
Pac spoke truth, whether loved or hated

unmatched ability to convey raw emotion

personified the rose that grew from concrete

exceptional poet


a little Tupac in all of us

June 16, 1971: Afeni gave birth to hellraising, heavenly son

The Shining Serpent

hardheaded, troublesome

signed with Death Row Records

lived life as if he had nothing to lose

spoke entirely too much about death

trapped: searched for something that could not be found

never received the chance to meet him

September 13, 1996: The Day Tupac Died

cried like I had lost a brother

lived so fast, died so young