Just Sayin...

Sharing my thoughts from my polluted mind is therapeutic. Psychological cleansing. Burden lifting. With every word I have typed on my laptop, desktop, and now BlackBerry - I have tried to be boldly transparent. Transparency-sharing is an internal detoxification. I have wanted you, the reader, to see right through me with difficulty. Not with speed or a fleeting thought. I have wanted and needed for you to stop - get stuck - in my soul. I have desired for you to witness the conflict. Be a part of my turbulent journey. Please continue to embrace my complexity. There was a time, not many years ago when everything made perfect since. I truly thought it all... was perfect. I've learned it's just a word, overly used. Nothing is perfect. Life is what we make it. Although sometimes it's difficult for me to share all, please know I try my very best to give you what I can while continue therapy on me.

Powerful Beyond Measure -

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