The Boys are Home!

The boys are back in town! So proud of my BIGS. They are back home for Christmas and I see so much maturity in them. I will say the anticipation of them coming home has gotten me through quite a few busy days and also overwhelming days but I am just so overjoyed to have them home.
I have the biggest smile on my face each day I come home and see them sitting in the living room and my kitchen clean. They have even been preparing lunches for my littles at night. They look happy and healthy and mature.
Both have lost about 20 pounds but honestly, it's 18-20lbs of fast food garbage that neither needed anyway. Their Christmas lists are short and their needs are few. So proud of them. I wonder if I would feel the same if I was coming home each day to see them sitting in my living room if they were not home on college break...lol.
Crazy things I was worried one was putting to much effort into PS3 and not enough into books and he didn't even bring it home for break. The other, has been in no rush to hit the streets. Both boys have been spending a bit of time each night with the littles. A mother could not be more happy, or feeling more blessed!