Since January 2009, I have been a freak...no nasty...not sexual freak. I mean just WIERD! Spazzed out, lonely, logging, searching...all the above:

My forms of inspiration were

A - Music
B - Liquor
C - Bubble Bath

mostly all three...I took so many Bubble Baths, with tequilla shots lined up on the tub with my ipod connected to the computer and still no rest...talking to myself out loud like "okay, maybe this, but maybe that, but I think this or that, oh I'm so screwed".

It's funny...been ages since I took a shot to clear my head, needed music to clear my head and its' been ages since there were bubbles in the tub...and still...peace.

Waiting for Superman

This movie breaks my heart. Each time I see the trailer it's like the first time. I've been waiting to see it since it's inception. It's finally here. Can't wait to see it this Saturday. John Legend will host it in our itty bitty town.



So Happy It's Friday - GAME NIGHT...Let's see...Likes/Dislikes

skittles - diggin them right now, especially red and yellow
looking forward to seeing the TOWN
Marvin Sapp's children reading a poem and their mother's funeral
morning kisses
Talapia with Avocado
perfect weather
Letting go....and Letting God
shorts and tank tops around the house
reading between lines
that feeling I feel right now...so much joy

having to share my skittles with little grubby hand boys
people who come without calling
little dogs being carried around like babies...I know, I shouldn't care but it bugs me
the soreness of taking a few days off from the gym (yeeooouch!)
being the last to know something
devilish ways
admitting that i like this song or this one
feeling sleepy so early in the evening
nightmares from eating to late


All For Love...

Love is the most beautiful gift that God affords humanity this side of heaven. It can be tangibly seen, touched, and affect every area of your life…many times without your permission. Have you ever been mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in sync with another human being and are immediately (if only momentarily) able to understand why God surrounds you with people so unlike but identical to yourself? To be one of two hearts in a consistent exchange of positive regard and unconditional care. And it is beautiful because it feels right and perfect…

But what of those moments where things have gotten so out of control that we look around and wonder how Love became a catalyst for such unrest and pain? What is the answer when men overstep their commitment barriers or when a woman abuses her lover’s trust? What of the victims of gossip, manipulation, self-pity, unselfishness and one-sided relationships? The heart that always gives but never receives anything in return…where can love be naturally applied? I am a living, breathing testimony that Jesus is the source for all healing when you’ve suffered heartache at the hands of those you love. He is truly all you need. When all is right with him, all will be right with you and those you love. There is no perfect love. Only perfect peace and joy.
Even before the Fall, God declared that it’s “incomplete” that man is alone. Adam had God all to himself…and even still he was incomplete. Not quite finished. Loved and the most precious part of His creation, but still lacking an important element: a companion. Someone like him, but unique enough to exist as a separate person. Why did God take out a part of an incomplete man (his rib) to make him complete?

I’m thinking that forgiveness and trust is not only for the wounded heart, nor for the transgressor, but for the bond broken. For the good of us all, and not just individuals. The moment I become especially distant from the hearts that divinely pump life around me, the more the voice of my own self-doubt, self-interest and self-need drowns out the gentle whisper of our Lord. Love can be horrible. Confusing sometimes. And the ultimate test of our lives designed to connect us deeper and stronger to each other, and ultimately, to God the Father. Only the strong and obedient shall survive and it takes HIM to shake us hard sometimes to know what it is truly about. Greatness often comes on the brink of destruction. So glad to finally know.


Do You Know This Face?

This is the composite sketch the Vancouver Police Department released after Bethany Storro said she was attacked by a black woman. But she doesn't exist. The Bethany Scorro (BS) situation is a another example of when the media rushes to judgment. She was "supposedly" attacked a few weeks ago in a subway in which a "black woman" through acid in her eyes.  "Fortunately", it was 7:30pm in the evening and she was "lucky" enough to be wearing sunglasses and only a portion of her lower and nose was burned.

In Vancouver several black women were questioned and interrogated who matched the description of the alleged attacker before they discovered Storro made it up.  Sociopaths and under cover racists have a tendency to want to believe that all crime is done by African-Americans.

The Columbian newspaper in northwest Washington wrote that plenty of people have a right to be upset with Storro, including "Vancouver's African-Americans, who are troubled that Storro described the woman who supposedly attacked her as black. For weeks the Vancouver news paper had included Storro's description of her alleged attacker as a "black woman," as did scores of other news organizations, including this one.

Again, as with so many others society bought her story, hook, line and sinker and of course the criminal this woman dreamed up was black.

In 1994, Susan Smith, a 23-year-old white woman, drowned her two young sons by driving her car into John D. Long Lake in Union, S.C. For over a week, she claimed a black man had hijacked her car, and she went on national television to beg the unidentified black man -- who did not exist -- to return her children unharmed. This is yet another cautionary tale for journalists, for law enforcement people, for judges and prosecutors, for people in the medical field who take care of victims.  All of us can learn some important lessons about rushing to judgment even when the evidence "appears" to be overwhelming.

Years before, in 1989, Charles Stuart, who was again white, claimed a black man had shot and killed his pregnant wife, Carol, during an armed robbery in the Boston neighborhood of Mission Hill. Stuart was severely wounded as well. Months later, it was discovered that Stuart was the killer, but not before police shook down and interrogated nearly every black man in Mission Hill and had arrested William Bennett, a black man, in connection with the crime. Bennett was later cleared, but the case inflamed already tense racial relations in Boston.  Stuart committed suicide in 1990.

I'm not sure what the answer is because when people have terrible things happen to them, we generally believe them but it's incredibly frustrating that often times when something bad happens on the news to a white person blacks say "yeah right" and others say "you see!"

On NBC's "Today" show this morning, Schuman said Storro is "very remorseful" but could face criminal charges for lying about the incident to the police and for prompting an "incredibly expensive" investigation that "wasted a lot of valuable resources."

Really? Community Service again huh? I certainly hope not.



Wishing a Special Birthday to my incredible husband...Happy Birthday Superman!


Some Sports Thoughts - Gotta Ride with Vick Eagles...You KNOW IT!

So I haven't done my sports thoughts in a while and with football season in full gear...not to mention I just beat daddy week 1 in fantasy I thought I'd better get to it. Besides the whole hoochie sports reporter, San Bruno PG&E blow up and Obama being on tv every other day is bringing me down...I decided to go VICK BABY!

It’s Michael Vick we’re talking about here. So nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

The moment he runs well, he can’t pass. The minute he passes with accuracy, he gets happy and forgets he needs to run. Caught in between are the electrifying heroics, accentuated by mesmerizing speed – the kind that has everyone baffled as to why he is not a starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles – that leaves us all transfixed and aching for more. Not to mention he BLEW IT on Pros vs. Joes. That is…right up until the moment the final horn sounds and you find yourself saying, “Damn! He lost.”

Again, it’s Michael Vick we’re talking about here.

But in the aftermath of the Eagles 27-20 loss to Green Bay on Sunday, Vick was the talk of the town. He was the guy who energized the Eagles, who made their offense resemble something other than offensive. He was the guy who guided the Eagles to 17 points and actually forced the Packers to break a sweat. And if there’s anyone who said his immediate ascension on their depth chart didn’t cross their minds, they’re either lying, smoking something or too much of an animal lover to aim any degree of objectivity in Vick’s direction.

Vick’s promotion to starting quarterback appears inevitable, folks. If not next week, then right around the time Eagles fans start panicking about their season being in jeopardy, which essentially means around Week 5. If not because of a concussion suffered by Kevin Kolb, then it’ll be because of a performance that resembles someone suffering from a concussion.

At least it seems as if things will be this way after one game.

Vick had some awful moments during the preseason. This was a follow-up to last season when he passed for a grand total of 86 yards. His teammates appeared more infatuated with Kolb.

On Sunday, Vick was….Vick at his best. He passed for 175 yards, completing 66 percent of his passes, and registered a 101.9 passer rating. He ran for an additional 103 yards. He scampered for a 31-yard run that put the Eagles in position for one touchdown and threw for another 17-yard TD.

Reid said in a quote after the game that although Vick did a good job 'Kolb is our #1 quarterback", I mean, I get it.  He looked the part. Played the part, too, since he waited four seasons for his chance. He's a coach’s son has descent accuracy and they aren't going to drop that to highlight a new era that didn’t directly involve someone who’d spent 18 months in federal prison.

Now it's football season and none of that matters.

Victories matter, and Andy Reid has to figure out a way to come up with them. There’s no doubt his defense will capture a few for him, but at some point it’s about putting a playmaker in position to get the job done.

It’s nice to think a DeSean Jackson or Brent Celek is enough to fill that void. But they’ll need someone to throw them the football. Kolb can’t do it.

 Get it down Vick

Song In My Head

I like this song...it's a hit...not feelin the rap but the actual song is pretty cute.


In the Air Tonight

Okay this is what you have to picture:

10 minutes left until start of the game. It's usually getting cold but I'm still pumped. Rams run out in their green and white and begin stretching...I'm getting more pumped as the clock ticks down about seeing "BAM BAM" hit the hole...every week like clock work just about 5 minutes before start of the game the announcer plays my song, and whether I'm hot or cold..."I can feel it"...and I said "SHHHHHHHH, BE QUIET, THIS MY FAVORITE PARK" by the time the drum solo comes, I'm doing air drums in the air and my kids refuse to look up in the stands and their daddy scoots down just a little. SOOOOO WHAT! "I can feel it coming in the air tonight"!

Let's get it crackin RAMS!


Diamonds and Coal

Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs.

--author unknown

My New " I Tend To"

Job 32:18


18 For I am full of words, and the spirit within me compels me.


End of 2010's "I Tend To":

  • Bite my lip and frown when people say inappropriate things
  • Get a slight flutter in my belly when people drop "F" Bombs
  • be nicer to people than they are to me.
  • Read more on facebook than post
  • Find new things interesting
  • buy books that are interesting to me and I know one day I'll read them all
  • end each meal with something sweet
  • love kitkats but hate to buy them...no more reeses
  • be a little kinder to people determined to be mean to me.
  • hate being late
  • appease my mommy, hubby and the twins.
  • treat people better than I know they would treat me.
  • talk during uncomfortable silences to new people
  • sleep less during the week
  • have better come-backs, too late.
  • convince myself of success. And then I succeed.
  • leave the gym immediately if I forgot my ipod player
  • pray more, read more, Thank God more, love harder, forgive easier and do unto thy neighbor....


God is Good ALL THE TIME!

So hubby and I got the bright idea to drive his father's car instead of flying back from the funeral services in OH. Seemed like a good idea and some wonderful bounding time for us as well. 

I was nervous but of course I do realize that he isn’t the average man and no matter what with God and him I was in good hands. Obviously after loosing his parents exactly two months from each other is devasting but he continues to be strong, smile and keep going. He had the car tuned up, all the fluids changed and well inspected before we left. Mind you although this car is 15 years old  it doesn’t have a mark on it, has been garaged for over a year, has a Corvette engine and only had 45,000 miles on it.

We both thought, let’s have a family prayer with all our loved ones before we leave but with pictures and hugs and well wishes we forget and as we stopped at a fast food restaurant we held hands and said a little one minute prayer (as I look back, it was canned, rehearsed, blah blah blah prayer). We laughed and joked on down the highway, found an R&B station in every city and managed to get through the end of Ohio and Indiana without a problem. 18 miles outside of Peoria, Ill. is when the fun began! The GPS didn’t give a location, it only said we were 18 miles from our next major city, no mile markers, no freeway signs, no lights, no nothing…just country. The car stopped. It coasted enough to get to the line dividing us and the freeway. The trucks were coming and literally blowing the car. He cranked a couple of times and nothing, nothing at all. The temperature gage raced hot to 260 and still nothing. We both looked at each other and started praying, praying,and more praying. He got out and raised the hood, and that radiator was hot but not that hot. Nothing. I’m just sitting in the car, “Father God, don’t leave us out here, you said whatsoever we ask for shall be given if we are obedient, Lord help us, you wouldn’t leave us out here in the middle of nowhere , so please Lord, start working this out”. He put his hands on the engine and said “Lord, did I get your signs wrong? I know you wouldn’t leave me out here with my wife in the middle of nowhere. Help us Lord”. He was looking for some flares in the trunk and couldn’t find any but he brought the bible out and we started reading scriptures. I called a tow truck but after attempts to explain our vicinity he got frustrated and hung up on me. I prayed and asked God to guide my eyes on this phone to the right number and tried again. The woman, listened and listened and said, “honey, I don’t care where you are, we are going to find you and get you out of there”. Her tow driver called and was even nicer. I was thinking, Lord help us, don’t send no crazy folks out here for no “Deliverance” mess. I know whoever you sending out here is an angel coming to do your work. Well don’t you know that man came with his crazy looking skin head self, and he truly was doing God’s work. He wouldn’t even put the car up on the truck, he told us, “we gonna figure this out, cause it’s not running hot”, by this time, the car was starting, but the check engine light was still on. We know (well they knew) it had nothing to do with the temperature or the car running hot. (I don’t know how he knew but he said it wasn’t that). My FIL had left a doohickey in the trunk, some kind of computerized diagnostic system thingy and the driver plugged it in to the car and let it do its thing. 20%, 50%, 90% Complete. He said “start it up”, and don’t you know that car started up…sounded STRONG! The engine light went off and everything! We were thinking about stopping at a hotel and having it looked at the next morning but my husband said, this car sounds strong and fine. We gonna keep going. I said okay, but I was thinking “O K A Y”, I’m trusting you Lord….and that we did. That car went on another 1900miles! Across, 7 more states and had the nerve to get even better gas mileage. All the way back to CA…but I couldn’t share till we were safely home. We didn’t take any more chances either. We plugged our ipod in and Marvin Sapp, Commissioned, Mary Mary, Hezekiah Walker, Helen Baylor, Kirk Franklin and every other song we know and loved all the way back home and each state we went through we praised God and thanked him for our continued journey. I know it was long, but it’s a testimony I had to share. God is good ALL THE TIME!

Had to share!