Save my Soul

Writing is important for my soul. Four years ago I was lost. I picked up pencil and began to write again. I dug out my journals and notebooks and began to look through them. I wrote a poem that clearly describes why I write and what writing means to me. I have a profound love for the art of writing and I am thankful to God that He blessed me with the gift of words. It isn't as important as my prayer time in my closet but somehow it continues to sooth me.

Writing to Save my Soul
I am writing to save my soul
writing to hold on to control
to stay whole
I'm writing to remain
Writing to eliminate the mundane
events of life
I'm writing to acquire more happiness
I'm writing to endure the pains and strife
I'm writing to show the girl inside the limitless possibilities of an educated mind
I'm writing to remind her to share the gifts God has given her with all man kind
I want to encourage her to think and challenge status quo
I'm writing to show her how the mind can grow
I'm writing to remind myself of what I already know
but most of all
I am writing to save my soul



my Samsung Galaxy
Real Artists who Make Real Music

Louis Farrakhan speaks truth, regardless


gospel music  and it's best

patiently waiting for the Saints to pull it together

reaching my goals
rather die on my feet, than live on my knees mentality

avoiding drama at all costs

Ray Allen in a Heat uniform
Tyler Perry's latest Madea film

letting my temper get the best of me
I really need a vacation but it's not in sight
this song  

one-sided conversations

60 degree weather

people who refuse to mind their own business