Celebrity 2009 Year in Review

2009 was a year of many first - too many events to count, celebrity news, and untimely deaths. As my blog has unfolded I've done less celebrity news and more writing about me. I decided to take a quick year in review on just a few of this years celebrity happenings.

Lets take a look back

Falls from grace:

Chris Brown - beating up Rihanna and then complaining on Twitter that his album wouldn't sell.

Tiger Woods - cheating with high priced prostitutes and tacky blonde barmaids

Joe Wilson - who became instant idiot overnight shouting "You Lie" in a public forum at President Obama

Plaxico Burress - receiving prison time for shooting yourself in a public nightclub. Plaxico Burress translates to "idiot" in swahili you know.

Kanye West - who stole Taylor's Swift's moment of glory then promptly went AWOL. At least for a moment.


Come Ups:

Barack Obama - Need I say More?

Mo' Nique - Not only her own hit talk show on BET but her performance in Precious was simply amazing "Precious, take your a** to da welfare" - CLASSIC!

Twitter - A social watering hole that allows "celebs" to amass a following and believe they are much more important than they really are while giving us "I'm drinking the coldest water ever" and "Jesus is my homeboy" updates 24/7. Twitter creator is the definition of come UP!!!

Susan Boyle - 48 year old Scottish chick who has never been kissed. She stuck to the "young newbie idols" to the tune of 3 million units (and counting)
Sonia Sotomayor - First Latina Supreme Court Justice who makes more waves in 4 months than Clarence Thomas has done in 18 years.

The Kardashians - I have a blog ban on these no talent chickenheads but you can't deny they were EVERYWHERE in 2009

Whitney Houston - the voice is still a bit raggedy but at least she is trying and produced a sellable album and at least she doesn't look like this - anymore.

Tiger Woods "Jump offs" - They are already counting the loot they will be making in expose interviews, playboy photo shoots, and reality shows to come.

Just Go Away Already:


The Gosselins

Sarah Palin

Balloon Boy

Frankie and

Rappers that add nothing to a social discussion (looking at you Gucci Mane and Souljah Boy)

Happy New Year!

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