Hey, Whatcha Talkin Bout!

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, What can I say? NOT A DARN THING. It's none of MY business and none of your's. Tiger don't pay my bills and I don't golf so why do I care about Tiger sleeping with some little chickenhead waitress. If Steve McNair didn't teach you about sleeping with broke waitress I can't help you. Nuff said.

Ron Artest - dude. You trippin. You coulda said you were a head case without telling ALLLLL THE BUSINESS! Dang dude!

Obama? Why you gotta go give them a date we gonna pull out. I see gold diggers hang around a raggedy rich dude for 18 months. You think terrorists don't have 18 months to wait it out. Jeeeezzzz. Keep some secrets to yo' self...PLEASE

Who in the HELL want Allen Iverson on their team? 76ers musta forgot all that ruckus he was making. They'll remember in a minute when he starting shooting everything he touch again and laying out in the floor having a temper tantrums. I'm just shaking my head. Allen needs to follow Latrell Sprewell into the land of disappear. He's quite raggedy now but Philly will learn soon enough.

That's it. I'm done for now. Going to bed. I'm exhausted

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