Reflection for the Occasion

So yeah, uummm 36. Not feeling it!

I feels really... old

and I just thought I'd share (in a slightly humorous tone) the lessons I've learned "so far" (No big explanation for each, just try any one of them and I bet you'll either get a positive result or you'll feel better about life):

1. Be good to people.
2. Upon first glance, give everyone the benefit of the doubt.(-Im working on this)
3. God first, family second, everything else will take care of itself.
4. Give more than you expect.
5. Invest into the life of your children(it will pay off huge dividends).
6. Talk to total strangers. (Yeah I know, it is the exact opposite of what we were taught as children...)
7. Be brave.
8. Have a good cry now and then-sit in your shower and let it flow but don't tell anyone, they'll think you need Zoloft.
9. Buy yourself little treats(if you wait till Christmas and don't get them you'll be bitter).
10. Diets make you crabby and no fat on your body makes you moody.
11. Leave notes of gratitude to waiters/ tip more than expected.
12. Work harder as a volunteer than you would as a paid employee.
13. Choose being humble above being right.(It shuts them up faster too)
14. Write about it.(I do even if I don't undraft)
15. Take lots of pictures.(And download them too)
16. Go to a great movie with a large tub of popcorn by yourself. If feels GREAT!(First movie I ever saw alone was Kill Bill-loved it)
17. Strive to learn something new every week. It's empowering
18. Love. For God's sakes... LOVE!
19. Eat Chocolate. Yes...because chocolate=endorphans=happiness.
20. Trust in God with everything you have and all that you are, and watch Him take care of the rest.(Did I say that already)
21. Hey...your parents: they know what they are talking about. LISTEN.
22. If you like it, DO IT even if no one else agrees. If you don't you'll be an old fart that wished you had.
23. Nap.
24. TV really can rot your brain. Read a book.
25. God created you, and He loves you, so it is for the benefit of all mankind that YOU love YOU as well. You are a good thing...God said so.


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