End of Year Horoscope

I enjoyed reading this about myself so I thought I would share.

"You are conscientious, oberservant and always immaculately dressed. You quickly determine who can help you climb to the top. A loyal friend, you dislike showing vulnerability, which can make you seem cooly detached. You're compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Pisces and Scorpio. Cancer, your opposite feels like THE One, but the crabs mood swings wreak havoc on your controlled existence.

The Year Ahead: Your transformation is long overdue. Its time to complete projects, including taking college courses, writing that great American novel.

Love: You are superorganized but stop scheduling romance down to the minute. Work: Honing your skills will give you staying power. Money: Start a savings plan. Inspiration: Don't second guess your role in someone else's journey.

Hhhhmmmm, interesting if I do say so myself.

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