Beware of the Skanks in Training

If you follow me on facebook at all you'll know that I was enraged at the end of my day yesterday regarding Twin A's new little love interest. I'm being polite in the decription of my post regarding the FSOA club (future skanks of america).

Here is a brief summary. Twin A who almost never texts unless its to me, dad or to ask a friend about an assignment a practice or to his ya-ya about his touchdowns had been on his phone texting away for about a week...night and day. His new quarter grades on powerschool left a lot to be desired as well and in my opinion he's been more than distracted the last couple of weeks. Add to the pot my lovely school VIP's who make sure I remain in the loop who also stopped by to throw me the skank alert flag, and my beams were on fire. The alert was not only was the girl not the most attractive chickenhead in the group but her reputation for already being a squirrel (you know what squirrels like to eat) had already made it around the school. She's a freshman and its November for Pete's sake.

After some detective work and checking my facts (you know we have our ways), I approached Twin who basically told me "mom I heard it all, she a nice girl and I like her". I gave him the benefit until I got my last phone call before I had my second discussion with him in which it went something like "I trust your judgement and will support whatever decison you make because I've raised you right but please know that for every rumor there is some truth to it and I'm not sure how you feel but the thought of kissing a girl who may even have possibly given bj's or anything else to some or even one of your friends should make you throw up in your mouth a little bit". He sat quietly and told me he would think about it and soon went to bed.

I got a text about an hour ago that said "mom, I love you I had to cut her".

I'm sure I can't chase all the hoes in training away forever and his emotions will eventually over rule my scenarios and visuals but for now it worked and all I can do is continue to put some type of morsel into his mind about what is appropriate to bring home.


  1. What up Nesha...I think you did the right thing. Sounds like you and your boys have a tight relationship, so they let you into their lives - even with some of the embarrasing stuff - which is IMO, something every parent should stive for.

    On the flip side, boys will be boys...and so at some point in time, they may want to keep things on the DL, which means they won't have you by their side 24x7 to plant the seeds. Which gets back to the original point, that you have done a great job raising your boys, so at the end of the day - they should be making the right decisions and you should trust that they will!!


  2. The job of a mom is never done. We will always have to keep on the hoochie alert and pray that the things we tell them will stay with them when we no longer have such a direct line to their ears. Good job Mom!