Christmas Craziness

I'm a sleeping bear that hasn't been to sleep yet. I'm slightly crazed from lack of sleep, my back is in pain, my pockets are empty, my nerves are on edge and my christmas shopping is one present away from being done!

This week has only just begun. Last week ended Friday with Twin A bombing his Final in history which means he will be seeing Semester 1 of Modern History again in summer school but still pulling out a fairly decent GPA. Not good enough in my opinion to earn his driver's education classes yet or double my insurance but good enough to earn his phone back for the Christmas break.

Twin B however finished great but still didn't pull the 4.0, I would have liked. When I caught myself jumping on his case about just missing a perfect GPA, I had to remind Miss Nesha that I was such a dingbat in school I didn't even have friends that got all A's, let alone get more than an A in PE myself so to have a son battling for it each semester and missing it for bombing his Geometry final was still reason to be proud.

Now back to Christmas Craziness. I'm still finalizing a few school and sports projects that I'd like to get done before I hope out of town and I have one more gift to get before I blow the joint on Saturday morning....oh did I mention I'm heading out to see my beautiful mommy and handsome daddy in Texas? I can't wait.

My twins will be 16 on Wednesday. Wow! I get a little teary each time I say that...what frightens me even more is that they requested a Red Lobster birthday dinner with 6 friends (are they all gonna order crab????) This is a triple date! Even my shy baby boy Twin B has a date. I'm not ready for this. While overhearing a conversation about the digs they will be wearing for the dinner, Twin A said we need to tell the girls to wears skirts. My mind..."filthy"...said WHAT!!! I leaned into the conversation and said, "any girl who shows up in a skirt in December to Red Lobster is getting sent home, just FYI". I kept a straight face, even when they both gave me and each other a quizzical "What's she talking about" look. Hmpf! I know what I'm talking about and ain't no damn skirts going on! I know I was born at night...(HINT - December 25, 1973), but not last. I'm probably wrong but the little hooches still need to wear jeans. (insert smirk here).

Why does it always feel like even when you are done with your shopping that you have one last gift that you forgot? I even find myself getting stuff like a box of See's, a gift card at Starbucks or a candle just in case I forgot someone and I can't gift wrap it quickly. Feels weird saying it's Monday and I'm done. I'm sure I'll have to grab something tomorrow.

Until then, I'm working on my list of things I've learned for this year. Hopefully it will be published by Christmas!

I wanted to catch up with long post but I'm seriously just wanting to lay it down.

Love and hugs to all

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