Baby It's Cold Outside

Love subjects you to the worse kinds of treatment. It completely bashes you sometimes doesn't it. It is literally a call to submit one's will to that of another. That may mean forgiving an offense quickly. Biting your tongue when misunderstood in order to prevent more hurt. Embracing when you're not ready to. Love never looks out for itself...it is constantly, intentionally self-less. Easier said than done huh?. Oh, it's quite easy to give your last dime when you don't have any issues standing in the way of you and the person in need. It's pretty effortless to give Love in the middle of June, on a gorgeous beach...as you and your love stretch out next to one another; picking out clouds and deciphering their shapes. Sure. But, to me, Love is sometimes the dead of winter. Two embittered people stung by circumstance and hovering together underneath one umbrella...while the harsh cold winds blow and the stinging snow comes down unmercifully. There is a chance for survival, because they are in it together. Chance. There will be times where the other person will slow his/her pace. Or get weary. And will need encouragement and a strong arm to hold them up. Soon, it may be your own feet that drag from the journey in the cold. Can't do this anymore. Love knows that it will die without exercise or freedom of movement. Freedom.

So, in the cold it moves as much as it possibly can...But what if there's only one person?

A solitary soul...out in the cold.

"...if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone?"--Ecclesiastes 4:11

What happens to a person that has no other to keep him/her warm? To aid him/her along in the journey? Always possessing the Source/Creator of Love, but having no one to exercise Love to? Or having a body to keep warm, but receiving no warmth themselves in return? How does a heart survive without true empathy, selflessness, and kindness?How long will that soul travel the streets before someone stops to join him/her?

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