Last one for 2009 - Likes and Dislikes

great conversation
this year is almost over
getting my point across
the perfect verse over a tight beat
music that moves me
a game that comes down to the last point
kit kat (no longer a reeses fan - they added to much peanut butter)
new lotions and oils
cute socks
people who actually listen
a great book
a surprise ending
those who allow me to be me (is this you?)
a great smile
good that come with the bad
my privacy (at times)

plain oatmeal
cheap bread
Oakland Raiders/ their fans
bad drivers
people who text while talking to you
people who ask to use my cell phone
selfishness (even my own)
fried okra
arrogance (I don't think I'm arrogant - is that arrogant?)
bad that comes with the good

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