Treats for Me?

Often times as mothers we tend to forgot to give treats to one of the people that matter the most in our lifes. Ourselves. Tonight I looked at my Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Sugar scrub that arrived today and thought to myself that it was the first little "gift" I'd treated myself to in a while. Is it still a treat if I won it. This weekend after one of my favorite gifts was destroyed I had a mini-breakdown. I'm of course pmsing just a little I can tell because I cried this after doing the laundry and realizing that one of my sons' had left a pin in his pocket. Being the sickling I've been for the last week, I didn't catch it. In the washing machine was my VERY FAVORITE sweatsuit. It's one of those fitted velour sweatsuits that you can throw on day or night and look like you've got it all together. Ponytail or Flat Iron, pumas or pumps, you are dressed up or down in it. I've loved it from the day I got it. So now you understand why I broke down when I pulled it out of the washer and saw my beautiful sky blue Jo-Lo tracksuit with huge blue pin stains all over it. I'm sad just typing about it. I thought about going out and buying another one if I could possibly find it 2 years later but then I thought about the many things that are needed by the boys in the next few weeks. So many things from next year's registration fees, next month's tuition to next quarter's books. Their shoes they received for Christmas are just beginning to look a little worn. Summer is approaching and it will be time for shorts soon, birthdays are approaching and basketball just ended and I'm already receiving emails about banquet costs that include gifts for coaches. Funny how there is ALWAYS something. Treats...for me??? I think not. Mothers seem to enjoy the oddest things though don't we? A spa pedicure for $35 sounds heavenly. If you are anything like me you start thinking ..."$35 dollars? that's a pair of Vans" In the next few weeks my treat is coming though. Its a rather large one and I plan to purchase it next week in the form of a ticket to visit my family in Texas. That is more than enough for me. I think it will last me all year long. If I know my mommy she is already planning our week of events. I giggle to myself each time I think about it so I know it's the only thing I need right now. Well that and the occasional hot bubble bath. I'm counting down the days.

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  1. It's refreshing to know I'm not the only person out there that feels like you do. I used to get my nails done religiously every six weeks, have my hair done on time, and went shopping regularly for the newest styles. Last week, I went to get my first pedicure in almost 8 months. I haven't had my nails done in two years. The last piece of clothing I bought was five months ago. Isn't that crazy? The focus is squarely on my son, my family, and what they need, and maybe I forget myself sometimes. You reminded me, though, to maybe take a moment to refocus. I miss those little treats to myself. :)

    Hope you're well!