Too Sad - Chrianna Continues

"She want that lovey dovey (lovey dovey)
Fist fist (FIST FIST)
In my mind, I fantasize ‘bout hittin’ thissssss B”

I've finally decided to post on this after a few weeks have past.

So apparently this dude...my previous little "pedo" crush... Chris Brown lost his natural mind, got out of pocket, and beat the “Disturbia” out of Rhianna.I can’t say I'm surprised by ANYTHING these celebrities do after watching that whole Brittani breakdown drama not to mention 500 cars following Paris Hilton to jail, but I’m on my Joey Lawrence “Whoa!” shit right now.. talk about a PR nightmare, black people ain’t been this pissed since the McRib got discontinued, since the public backlash of Eric Benet passing up on coming home to Halle Berry every night in order to satisfy his insatiable thirst for punanny... Was it worth it? I think not! I actually smirked a little when I heard a C. Brown song on the radio this morning.

Seriously though, it’s never cool to play pastor and lay hands on a woman.. well, unless she loses her natural mind and hits you first.. then you do to things. First -Run, cause if the police get there first, you going to jail even if she hit your first and then Second - return the favor by hiring Sheniqua around the way to "tap that azz" and run.. what she gon’ tell the cops? Okay Okay, I"m being serious. Now you know why I don't let me kids read my blog. On the real, I wish Rhianna the best of luck... For Chris, he's young and has a VERY LONG road of loneliness ahead...ask Kriss Kross, Another Bad Creation and Tevin Campbell and they didn't even hit anybody!


  1. Yeah, he's off the hook with this whole mess that they both are now in. Its just crazy. Folks are scrambling to try to save Chris's career and folks are trying to call Rihanna out for not "speaking out" for women's rights. This is all wrong. I think the only person that should be speaking out right now is Chris... and his ass should really be saying much more than he is "saddened" by the situation. But, I guess he will after he can legally speak about what happened. Either way, he's right up there on the list with R. Kelly for me now.

  2. Chris Brown....*sigh* I'm in Hot-lanta and heard a Chris Brown song in the cab today. I rolled by eyes and asked the cabbie to change the channel. Son, done f*cked up. Idiot. I can't stand woman beaters. I really can't.

    I hope Rihanna heals and gets her head on straight---either way. And as far as Chris goes, shame on him.

    Thanks for posting on this! :)