Catch up time!

So I decided to do a catch up day full of all of my recent going ons! I've been doing the sports, political and news blogs lately so I guess I should get back to what the blog is actually about...ME!

Recently each time I've surfed the web I've come across something here and there on the Chinese New Year. Mine year has come around once again. The OX is in full effect ya'll. I've read the information on the Ox about 20 times and I've decided that someone has been watching me my entire life and decided to write and article on me and name it "The Year of the Ox". Funny how it's so dead on at times. Strange as it seems with my own blog I cannot share with you the part that fits me the most. It's almost too much information. (told you I'm still quite private about some things)

Upon reading about my astrological sign the Capricorn, I actually found myself laughing outloud today.

Your sense of humour is generally impeccable, although you fail to see the point of personal jokes at your expense. You hold grudges and will take revenge for perceived slights.

You have to truly know me to know how true this is. If the joke is EVER about me, it's so not funny!

Lean Capricorn develops good eating habits early, which stand you in good stead as an adult. An innate spirit of competition makes you keen on sports, although you can be so aggressively determined to win, you can be less than gracious when you lose. Jogging, running and body-building are favorite activities. You seem to defy the aging process, and retain a remarkably youthful appearance from your middle years well into old age.

You suffer from insecurity and anxiety in your youth, but blossom in your later years.

At least I know I'm not crazy! Do we really try to make ourselves fit the astrology or does something out there put us into these categories and give us our wierd quirks.

I'm starting to get so excited about making the trip to Texas in May to see my family that I can barely sleep at night. I don't know if my excitement about the trip or just life in general is keeping me up at night. I've already been making plans for what I'm going to do with my family. It will be nice to just clear my head for a few days.

My big boys are getting back on track with school in full swing. I always get nervous checking their grades on powerschool as the quarter begins to get closer. Twin A is really struggling right now with Math and Science. Poor thing has lost his phone, his myspace, his weekend passes. I see him working on it but it's not quite were I want it at just yet. I actually watched him pacing the floor this weekend when his brother and a friend left to go to the movies. Twin B suddenly changed his mind and decided to come home and when he came through the door Twin A damn near knocked him down welcoming him home. TWINS!

Cayden may need another cast soon. The little guy is driving me BANANAS! As I type he is behind me with his pumpkin Halloween bucket knocking on all the doors in the house saying "Happy Halloween". Wonder if he realizes no one is home except he and I. He has managed to knock out both of his two front teeth by sucking his thumb. He's 3 people! I take this to mean that he probably will not have front teeth until he is about 5 or 6. He's back to running, leaping, jumping, skipping and wrestling. Last week when he couldn't have ice cream because he didn't eat his dinner he said he was running away. I told him to go ahead. He got out the door and immediately started banging on it when I ran over and locked him out. Serves him right.

I guess I should be grateful after hearing a story last week about my friend who's two boys decided to pack a suitcase and run away after they got in trouble. They managed to get to the next neighborhood before a good samaritan picked them up and delivered them safely back to their parents. It was a good chuckle to hear the story, although I'm sure it was far from funny at the time. I think I'd still be taking heart medicine after that one.

As for CJ. We've slowly begun weaning him from the Xbox 360. Intially he could play Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Now he can play on Fridays for a few hours and Saturday for 2 hours. Poor kid had his life revolving around the video game. All he wanted for Christmas was Crash Bandikut. When I told him he couldn't play Halo 3 you would have thought the world ended. He actually tried to have a tantrum. When I told him he couldn't play for a month he straightened his face up and said "What, I'm not crying, I was just pretending".

I'm enjoying so much watching them grow up and become men and find their way. I only wish that some of the lessons they have already learned I would have learned earlier in life. For now, my struggle continues on my quest to find a balance between motherhood and what Nesha is truly about. I'm getting close. Closer than I've ever imagined (smile) and everyday I get stronger. Peace Ya'll


  1. Cute pictures Miss Thang =). You sure don't look like a woman who happens to have 15 year olds... hopefully someone will be saying the same thing to me in 10 years.

    Good luck on your journey to finding your balance.

  2. I think that I am a boar aka a pig. Oink oink.

    I hope that A gets his math and science under control.

  3. Aren't kids great though? No matter how nuts they drive us, we never can stop loving them. :)

    Capricorns, represent!!! :) That is true of me also.

    Have a good day!