I Love...

I found this post over at Kala Pohl Studio's. She asks three questions regarding love.

I hope my answers are short and simple and to the point:

How many times have you fallen in love? Perhaps three maybe 4
times and each time hard then the last.

If you could only pick one - do you marry someone you love madly or someone who loves you madly? I pick the one who I love madly. You can never know what is in someone's else's heart, you can only follow your own.

If you truly love someone, do you think it should be unconditional? When I'm in it, I give it my all. It's so hard for me because I give all or nothing at all. When I'm done. I'm done. Love is so beautiful in all of its forms, but when it causes pain, I feel it to the core. Do I walk the talk? Not always, but I try. I've never known a love that didn't hurt. I've never had a love that I regretted. I've never had a love that was conditional, although, I have had a relationship that was. I embrace it as it comes. Sorry if I'm a little cloudy but the unconditional/conditional leaves so many what if's.

You see my answers, now let me see yours.

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