Tidbit Tomboy

The thing about me is that I am TRULY a sports junkie. I love basketball, football, track and boxing. Occasionally I try to stay up to date on some ultimate fighting as well. My morning routine begins with me reading the local paper as well as CNN and USA. I can't really function well in the world until I do so. I follow that with a brief look at the local and national forums to check out the high school forums regarding football and basketball. I think my family is still quite tickled that they can be in the middle of a conversation with a group of men and lean over and say, "what is that player of at such and such high who averages 28 points a games" and I answer. It's not really a hobby but more of a need to know for me. I love to be in the know about sports. It makes watching the sport more exciting. I smiled to myself when a friend mentioned Georgia Tech's number one basketball recruit Derrick Favors and I was able to easily engage in conversation about him.
When you've read up on a player, their story, where they come from etc. It makes watching them so much more enjoyable. Sportcenter is so much more enjoyable when you can actually identify who is who and what events are coming up. You should try it ladies. The Allstar NBA game is quickly approaching. Do you know who are on the 2009 rosters? Do you care? I realize I'm loosing major points with my Jack and Jill Club and the other girls who are busy discussing this week's dinner recipes but the forums truly call my name. Now I'll reveal my best secret. The guys on the forum have no idea I'm just a girl! I don't think they would give me the time of day if they knew. Instead they actually ask my opinion about football and basketball in my area. That cracks me up!!! I've had a long night at the Superbowl Party. I'll be honest though...I was stuck in the kitchen with the ladies discussing kids, clothes, food and life and all the while I kept looking over their shoulders at the game the guys were watching in the living room.


  1. Hmmm, well, let me tell you that I almost went to to cardiac arrest last night while watching the Superbowl.

  2. i could get close to matching any girl toe-to-toe in baseball, football, and hockey knowledge, however basketball has never really been my thing. i watch college basketball and have a thing for Duke (closet Singler fan), but other than that, i never got into the NBA. i'm glad you like it though. :) if i'm ever on one of those millionaire gameshows with the sports knowledge stuff, i'll just call you!

    have a good day!