My Other Man...

The twins and I went to the gym yesterday. They decided to get in a few rounds of basketball while I got my workout on. Now, one twin...That would be Twin B, he'll be a great boyfriend to some little chickenhead one day. He believes that a woman has her own mind. He's too busy worry about the many goals he has to accomplish. I often times have to remind him to "snap out of it" and pay attention to his surroundings. By his surroundings I mean his little brothers, his mother, turning the lights off in the house and not allowing the door to shut on the family coming into the store behind us. He's coming along. I've noticed lately he makes sure all the doors are locked before we leave the house. He gets behind the basket at the grocery store without being asked and he comes to check on me and see if I need anything before he leaves to school on days I don't drive. This is the same twin who cleans the kitchen every night and cooks for the boys when I'm not home. I say he'll be a good boyfriend because all you really have to do is tell him what he needs to fix and he does it. "come on baby, you know you gotta help around here a little more". Twin A on the other hand, he's "My other Man". By my other man I mean, he truly believes that if his father is not around he is in charge of my well being. He has made it his mission since he was very small boy. Before I allowed him to pump gas he would get out of the car and stand guard while I pumped. He scrutinizes my clothing before I leave out of the house (although I ignore him and keep it moving), and he often even holds my hand in the store. Fast forward to today at the gym. The gym I go to EVERYDAY and know most of the faces there. The gym is surrounded by mirrors so as I'm working out I continue to catch little glimpses of him sticking his head out of the basketball court to see if I'm okay. One time he walked all the way over to say "you okay?" following some annoying guy hanging around the machine waiting for me to get done. When I finally disappeared into the sauna, 10 minutes later he was there sticking his head in, "hey mom, you ready to go?".

It's not to an extreme at all the way I've seen some sons' become their mother's man and feel the need to take on every battle as if they were the MAN of the house. He is simply checking on his mother making sure that she is okay. I love that! When it gets to much I'll "check" him for sure.


  1. I can see my son being like twin A; he already is in a lot of ways. Too cute, your boys!


  2. Crazy.....I can't even comment. I'm proud of all of our boys. We did good!!