11 Things About Me

25 Things (about me)

1. I have no tattoos, and only 1 piercing in each ear piercings. I once had a tongue ring but the horrible experience let me know why I never pierced anything before this (it bled for 5 days and only stopped once I took it out).

2. I've never broken a bone in my entire body.

3. I've lived in Japan, Hawaii and all over Cali but my real roots are down south in good old Ruston, Louisiana.

4. I didn't realize until 8th grade that there was actually a thing called french kissing. When I watched kissing on tv I truly thought the characters simply had closed lips and were moving their heads back and forth.

5. I remember almost every song lyric by lyric from my childhood including Kumbaya and The Girl Scout Song.

6. I have misplaced every single award or certificate I have ever won. Lost, thrown away, or simply forgotten. I have no trophies.

7. I often bite my cuticles when I'm nervous. It's a tick I've done since childhood and I often don't realize I'm doing it until my cuticles are bleeding.

8. When I was born my mother almost named me Nicole but here "friend" had her daughter first and stole the name.

9. I'm near-sighted, but rarely ever wear my contacts/glasses. I'm the queen of squinting, looking past people I know and asking those around me for the game score, if that is "such and such" over there, and massive headaches.

10. I've never been attracted to any other race accept my own. As fine as Brad Pitt is he still couldn't get the cookie (not even if he wanted it).

11. I've fallen asleep in almost every movie I've ever been in. It's something about the dark, the loud noise and a belly full of buttery popcorn that puts me right out.

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