I'm checking the mail daily

So I'm one of those moms who adores small "me" treats but rarely buys them for myself. One of the kids always needs or wants this or that. Eventually, unless you splurge, treats are few and far between. One of the treats for NESHA that I adore are Carol's Daughter products. They smell so delicious. I can't pick just one thing I like. I would love to try EVERYTHING! I bought a body butter (Mango) a few years ago and I used it EVERYDAY! Before I knew it, it was gone. I've gone to the site here and there over the years but never gotten back around to actually buy anything...until TONIGHT. Remember last week when I won the contest over at the Bitchin' Wives Club? Well tonight I bought my gift. I can't wait for it to get here. I'm so excited, I'll be checking the mail daily until it gets here. I can't wait to smell like Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Sugah! It's a body scrub and it's simply marvelous!!! It's expensive though and I've left it in my online shopping cart at least 10 times but now....it's ALL MINE! YESSSSSSS! No licking me though (smile). Thank you Amy


  1. I know the feeling of procrastinating on buying something and then just giving in. Good for you. I know of the products but never have used them.

  2. Hahaha, go 'head on girl, dip yourself in that chocolate! Isn't it funny how we never think twice about dropping cash on the kids, but when it comes to something for us, we'll think ourselves sick over whether or not we should get it, and don't get it, and then keep wishing and doing the thinking game over and over again about not getting it. My goodness. Good think other moms recognize when we need to do something for ourselves =).

    I hope that you have a wonderful time with your wonderful scrub AND whenever it runs out, that you will not "think" too long and hard about getting you some more =)