Getting Real

So I've had alot going on lately. Sometimes I'm just really not willing to go there on a blog but it seems so phoney of me to "share" but not really share. Well, I decided I'd give just a small part of my current situation in a it's short version.

If you are a dedicated reader to my blog then you already know that the boys are my world. I adore them and feel that they are truly the best thing that have ever happened to me. "The sun rises and sets on their behind". I thought that I truly had the most perfect teens ever...until this year.

The most recent is the entrance of the GIRLFRIEND. There are so many parts to this story and the drama that I feel like I'm truly being a DRAMA QUEEN about it so I've decided to truly try to chill out a little bit following the advice of a friend. Hopefully soon I'll be able to finally cut the umbilical cord.

So Twin B has his first girlfriend and he is more than smitten. He has the lovebug. You know what the love bug is? You can't eat, sleep, drink, crap, walk, talk or breath without doing something that relates to this person. Lately I only see the top of his head as he wildly text messages away to her every beck and call. I peeked over at him at the game last week (by the way, a tie game, the best I've seen in highschool basketball all year) only to see he had no idea what the score even was, he was gazing loving into the side of her face.

So where do I begin? Do I begin with the so many wrong things about this situation? See below:

His 4.0 has dropped to a 3.0
Her very redneck father doesn't like him
His personality is non-existent lately except if she is around
She asked if he could spend the night over her house for her birthday

Hmmmm, I think I'll chose the last one. First off, what girl asks if her 16 year old boyfriend can spend the night? Next, parents....ummmm do they give a damn? Next, EXCUSE ME, did you forget who your mother is? You actually set your face to ASK me? Lastly, EXCUSE ME, did you forget who your mother is? You actually set your face to ASK me? (yes, i just repeated myself).

So then, we sit down once I realize he's serious and have this lonnnnnnnng drawn out conversation with the many reasons this is so wrong and again, the entire time I'm thinking "why am i having this conversation with my kid?" He's 16 for goodness sake. This is wrong on so many levels.

Nevermind the fact that during the middle of the conversation comes the topic of if I was dating a black girl would we be having this conversation? You just don't like her cause she's white. To my irrate response of 'we probably wouldn't be having this conversation because she would have never asked you to spend the night cause she knows her daddy would KILL YOU for just being under the roof with her in her pajamas. (that's a whole other subject, I'd rather not touch on right now though).

In my opinion it's neither black or white. It really is about the fact that I feel like I've screwed up somewhere when my son thinkis okay to even come and ask me this. Exactly were did I blow it? The rest of the conversation went something like "We are not doing our job as parents ....blah blah blah...it puts you in a situation where you have to decide between right and wrong and further more ....why are we having this conversation"

Really, what happened to can I take my girlfriend to a movie and dinner for her birthday? Can I stop by her house and drop off

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