Diggin Myself

i'm obsessed with beauty products and cute socks, pumas and bracelets
i digg spoken word and i need to write in a journal again instead of blogging so much
i have to have my phone at all times, i'm a text fiend

i value true friendships and i like documentaries
i fancy jazz (hidden beach) and hip hop and soul, my ipod and i are really close
i appreciate wit and i admire strong character

i'm starting to really like my shoulders, i love yogurt and raisin bran and bananas
i smirk when i'm happy, hard to get me to laugh out loud. if you do your special.
i read voluntarily, i love book stores

i'm intrigued by history and all things racial or social in nature
i like a meaningful conversation, but i love feeling loved
i act silly and make jokes and i admit i'm slightly high maintenance
even if i do say so myself. you have to know my personality to understand what I mean
i've been told I think i'm better, not really just like what i like

i get sucked into things i want sometimes, like jeans, food, a perfume
i love to look at people, the eyes are the window to the soul
i talk alot to the people i think are special to me.
i am thinking about a tattoo down my side, i dont like loud noises

finally digging myself.

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