Some Stuff

I've been far to serious lately so I decided to blog the next couple of days just on STUFF. You know stuff that you always wanted to say whether single, shacked up, married or divorced. Young or old, gay or straight...dumb or smart. Just Stuff!

Just to start it off right...let's go:

Some of ya'll have the silliest facebook status comments. Some of ya'll tell your bidness too much on facebook. Some of ya'll just like to be seen in the newsreel. Some of you don't realize you and whoever your talking to arent' the only smart (or dumb) people in the world and we all know what you are talking about.

Next Topic:
All of you'll mamas (and I use the term loosely) allowing your baby girls to put red, yellow and even white into their braids....tacky!

Next Topic:
Having your cellphone on loud so that it plays little musically notes and chimes everytime you get a text which is every 2 seconds, IN PUBLIC is so not cute!

Next Topic:
Back to you mamas again. You need to stop giving your daughters their privacy and check their myspace profile and their cellphone cause they need their butts whooped for sending out little naked pics to these boys!

Well....be back soon with more STUFF! Stay tuned!

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