Thanks Friends

For far too long I've allowed others to control my movements on the chess board. Once again, I fell for the, "you ain't sh**" ookie doke! Sometimes it just ain't about small minded people. It boils down to the fact that this blog is important to me. It saves me thousands of dollars in therapy sessions and I love it. I appreciate the wonderful comments and emails about it as well. My happiness can no longer be concentrated on people who seem to want to hold me down. I refuse to let it. A good friend said that I'm interesting...especially on days when I don't just post up a song. So I guess I need to undraft and come back.

I'll be honest, alot is going on and life is changing. Recently I cut the weeds on facebook but I'd like my blog to remain open. If you choose to believe I'm talking about you then so be it. If you choose to read and enjoy, I love it! I'm really just trying to keep it 100. That's What's Up!

Group Hug

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  1. THANK GOODNESS! I' so relieved. What does it matter what other people think. "Those who care don't matter. Those who matter don't care." :-)