My Pen is flowing ...

And so it continues..."Stick with me kid and you'll go straight to the top". I heard this recently and I smiled because it was something I needed at the time. Funny how words stick so deeply in my mind. I wonder if blissful and painful words stick with other people the way they do me. I once heard someone tell me "I can do better than you". I made myself a promise. No you can't and I can show you better than I can tell you. Strange how words can be used like weapons to the emotionally weak. They can ultimately change a relationship for the better or worse. Words can make you feel full of love...or saturated of hate.

I once heard someone say that the death of a relationship is like enduring open heart surgery without anesthesia.

(Here is were my writing goes slightly strange). I've been beat up about my blog lately. Simply because I write, what I feel. The personal stuff, as I've said time after time I sometimes have to leave in draft mode. Some other stuff I post. I don't set out to hurt people and more than anything I try to be true to myself. I need to be true to myself more than anything right now or I may just simply die from sadness. Currently all my theories and convictions about love are undergoing great scrutiny, and sometimes I can't tell my heart from my head. On a brighter note, they are finally starting to come to an agreement: Love is a gorgeous mess.

Ultimately, my desire was to keep this out of the blogworld until time created a healthy amount of distance for my heart to heal. However, my words provide me healing. Hopefully, it will give my readers the same benefit.

Love is hard and it requires that trust be there no matter what to insure the most perfect love. That is hard for me. At the same time I believe that love should be transparent to your significant other. A man should make his woman feel like she never has to worry or doubt him. If she is insecure, which happens sometimes he should be willing to make her feel comfortable and lift her up as his Queen.

I am allergic to dysfunction, but I will not run from it. I'll choose, instead, to war with it. I'm not making a lot of sense right now but it my mind it makes perfect sense.

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