25 Things - Just Some Stuff

1. I love Reeses Peanut Butter Cups (preferably cold or frozen)
2. I'm the oldest of three sisters
3. I like to sing R&B but I'm he only only who likes to hear it. (Sorry, can't sing)
4. When I'm exhausted I talk in my sleep.
5. I have a disgusting nervous tick. It's biting my cuticles. Sometimes even till they bleed. It's gross, I know but I can't stop it.
6. I like standup comedy but it's a competition I play with the comedian. Make me laugh. I refuse to laugh just because he thinks he's funny.
7. Not really a romantic. Meaning, I'm really bad about doing sweet things for others but I love them to be done for me (would that be considered selfish?)
8. I really don't like alcohol. I prefer a quick shot or two just to loosen me up a bit.
9. I like things perfect and if they are not, I'm not the one who did it.
10. I enjoy educating myself by reading books.
11. If I don't know anything about the talking being discussed I have a quirk were I will immediately pull out my blackberry and start researching it as we speak. I hate not knowing.
12. I hate being late and I hate even more being kept waiting.
13. If I had a superpower it would be x-ray vision.
14. I'm a Puma addict and love all things Puma.
15. I love Crustaceans (all things, shrimp, oysters, crab)
16. Every song on my blog has a particular meaning for me. No songs goes on here without thought.
17. I've owned 4 different versions of the blackberry and looking towards my next one. Just can't do the iphone yet.
18. I'm very appeciative of everything I have and don't take anything for granted.
19. It bothers mean when people repeat themselves too much.
20. I have a particular weakness right now for Michael Kors perfume.
21. As I get older jewelry has become less important to me. I can remember as a young adult wearing a ring on every finger and 4 gold chains at a time.
22. I'm anemica and if I go more than a few days without my iron I start looking see-thru.
23. I fall asleep with the tv on every single night. If it goes off for any reason I immediately wake up.
24. I add extra salt to my chips and dip.
25. I have a very short attention span.

Just some Nesha

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