What Girl?

i hated this girl, and because of that i berated this girl, degraded this girl, separated myself from this girl and betrayed this girl. i belittled this girl, compromised the principles of this girl, and in turn i depreciated the worth of this girl. i lied to and deceived this girl in part because i disapproved of this girl. i defamed and vilified and slandered this girl. i denounced this girl, criticized, and disparaged this girl all because i blamed this girl, so naturally i replaced this girl. i disgraced the name of this girl. i never once conceded the beauty and strength within this girl. I questioned this girl, never accepted this girl, confused this girl, i abused this girl. i challenged this girl, threatened the sanity of this girl, never celebrated this girl, never respected this girl, not once cared for this girl, instead i corrupted and failed this girl. i never encouraged this girl simply because i never believed the best of this girl. i offended this girl, condemned this girl, turned around and walked away from this girl. i championed against this girl, raised hell for this girl and when she cried out, i ignored this girl.

i fucked over, fucked with and fucked up this girl.

i never trusted this girl in part because i was never invested in this girl. i never acknowledged the internal strife within this girl, never offered anything but pain and false promises perpetuated by ill intentions to this girl, and by extension further diminished the spirit of this girl. i phazed this girl, i crossed the line and played this girl. i never dedicated the time to foster the promise that dwelled within this girl, i instead violated the thoughts of this girl, and proceeded to impregnate them with a kind of disillusioned thinking because i never once dared to explore the uncharted depths of the very essence of this girl. i tainted the image of this girl from the moment i knowingly misrepresented this girl. i controlled this girl, bought and sold this girl, i owned this girl. i could never fathom why god created this girl in a world that never embraced this girl, i wanted to erase this girl. i crippled this girl, intentionally harmed and eventually distorted the perceptions of this girl, this girl ..

written by this girl


  1. Very honest... I totally get this post because I did the same to THIS GIRL! Thanks for keeping it real...

  2. Deep......it gets no deeper than this.