Just Life...

Everything in my life has truly happened for a reason
The answer to that age old question will come in my season
The question of "Why did that have to happen" in regards to the past
And as much as it hurt to look back into that mirror or glass
I must be reminded that someone had to die so that we may live
And someone sometimes has to be without so that I may give
And sometimes life situations must come to an ending
And sometimes the end is really just the beginning
There is a reason to everything that happens in life
Even the upset, heartbreak, headache, and the strife
It is a deep lesson when going through a painful past
But it is even deeper to share with someone how their pain won't last
Sometimes I wonder about the most simplistic of a thing
I wonder about life and what the future may bring
But I know that there is a reason behind everything that has been done
Even when at first I can't think of one

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