Just Some Stuff


relax mode naturally
God still hears a sinner's prayer
when a man gives me advice on men
my 2010 mentality: lose some, win some
Real Housewives (all of them)
a dedicated school teacher
when Tupac changed the game
feeling like i ate more than my money's worth at buffet
what Trey Songz and Keyshia Cole do for R&B

Facebookers who update their meal, clothes change and bra size daily.
raggedy Reality Shows
the world is growing colder every winter
when my head is so clouded I can't sleep
so many people slept on this song
hypocrisy of the national anthem
so many people run from the truth like it won't come around again
horoscopes often lie but make you feel good for the moment
The pains of being a woman

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