Just a small dose...or rant

(I'm going to attempt to make this sound not like a rant as much as possible.)

Because I've already cursed this week in one of my blogs I changed this. So you'll get my original blog if you change all the words "mess" to "**ck". Just sayin.

"To err is human..."

You've probably heard that quote quite a few times. Basically, it means that messing up is apart of being alive. Its what we humans do. We mess up from time to time. Some more than others. Many of us try our best not to do so but it's inevitable. The trick is to just contain the size of the mess up and then you can probably at least live with yourself.

Now I don't say this to be a cop out or anything like that. I believe we should all strive for perfection. I mean why not? Sure it doesn't exist and probably has never existed but if your not trying to better yourself then whats the point of living?

With all that in mind I get some what annoyed when I see people judge each other so harshly. During a lecture a friend of my once said, "There are geniuses all around you, be aware." That quote has stuck with me. Its true. There are special people, geniuses, everywhere. And most of them we'll never notice. Why? Because many of need some kind of sponsorship or special co-sign for people to see the light. And until that happens all we see is whatever we deem as imperfection. Why can't we have both? Why can't people mess up and be geniuses? That would be too much like REALITY. That's why when I hear stuff like MLK cheated on his wife, Ghandi was racist against blacks, blah blah blah I'm not phased (anymore). What do we expect from these people? I know we are constantly beat over the head by these companies (which are out to make a dollar) that these people were/are just these superb individuals that shat world peace. But that isn't the truth. They were just people. They woke up and breathed the same air that we do. They just shined in certain areas.

Don't sleep on the geniuses around you.

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