Sometimes I just want to be
Left alone
No talking
No whining
No Explanations
No "What's on your mind"
Where are you at
Just be still
It's quiet
Just me alone with
My thoughts
My faults
My dreams
My desires
Hopes for the future
Hurts from the past
beautiful compliments
stinging words
The ones I wish to erase
Stay on my case
Day after day
Sound after sound
On my busiest day
They still linger around
As my temperature
rises and falls
I stare at the wall
look up to the ceiling
close my eyes
On my days off
All I need is some

Disclaimer: Don't get it twisted. Just some thoughts - it's quiet today. I love PEACE


  1. I could use about 5 minutes of peace myself but it's spring break this week :)

  2. I feel like that sometimes. I'm taking some vacation time coming up; can't wait! Did I mention we closed on our house yesterday?!?!? Yay! :)