50 Facts about ahseN

50 Things About Me you May or May Not Know
by Nesha W. Wednesday, April 1, 2009 at 3:55pm

I'm attempting to write 50 things about myself...not sure if I'll make it but I'm gonna try!

1. Calling a stranger on the phone frightens me more than speaking in front of a huge audience.

2. In High School my track event was high jump and although I can't jump 5'7 anymore I can still Fosbury Flop if called on in a second.

3. I type 74 wpm

4. I have horrible vision and can't see past my outstretch hand...fa real!I prefer eye glasses to contact lenses.I would love to get laser eye surgery to correct my vision, but the thought of having to watch as my eye is operated on has to be one of the freakiest things I’ve ever heard of.

5. I love to win but I hate to see others lose.

6. My parents have been married for 35 years.

7. I take a bath every night.

8. I have cooked every recipe in La Belle's Cusine "Something to Sing About".

9. It makes me nervous to poop in any toilet other than my own.

10. I will drop everything at the mention of rollerskating and I got my untouchable pair in the closet. They are like a "real baller's sneakers" and never see concrete.

11. I can palm a men's basketball

12. I checks my crackberry at 3:30 am almost every night. Almost always 10 spams.

13. I watch Sportcenter at least once a day. I can sit down a watch any game for less than 60 seconds and know who I want to win and will cheer for that team like I've loved them my entire life.

14. I loved Michael Jackson as a kid and used to kiss my posters of him. I would be terrified to have him in my house for 5 minutes today...lol

15. My dad is an Elder (you don't know? Read your bible)

16. I love personality tests, but my personality isn't so great and I have a dry since of humor. I think it's very important to look in the eye of the speaker whoever that may be. I won't say all the time but most times when I'm not looking, I'm not listening.

17. I think I'm a good writer but not a great editor. I can make anything shorter but it's very difficult for me to make something longer.

18. I feel incredibly awkward and uncomfortable with small talk, so unless forced to do it, I don’t. I feel like this sometimes causes people to think I’m rude and standoffish.

19. Can listen to a song 3 times and know the lyrics...yes even the rap songs. I can sing along to nearly any song that comes on the radio; whether you want me to or not.

20. Twin A and Twin B are 32 minutes apart....yeah, ya heard me!

21. I eat yogurt EVERY single day. Most days, twice a day.

22. The first book I read by myself was Ramona Quimby, Age 8, at age seven. To this day, I still remember that entire book.

23. I love to cook but hates to clean the kitchen after...loves to sit on the counter and watch and talk and listen to good music and have a cold glass of Sweet Tea while someone else cooks even more.

24. I can remember how I thought and viewed the world when I was a kid. This keeps me sane, and dangerous..lol

25. I take physical, spiritual and emotional comfort from the presence of books and music. I realize this is unnatural, but I don't really care.

26. I take myself to seriously and I am afraid of success.

27. I have an inexplicable proclivity for watching home improvement television shows.

28. It's difficult to make me truly angry, but someone who succeeds would be surprised by how long I can hold a grudge.

29. I am cynical and suspicious by nature.

30. Although I tend to be fairly guarded, I'll likely answer any direct question you ask.

31. I dislike being asked to provide the name of my favorite song, film, book, etc - because I find these things change moment to moment.

32. I hate the idea of being caged in - in actuality or metaphorically.

33. When it comes to technology, I love things that are shiny and new. Gadgets make me very happy.

34. I prefer to be barefoot.

35. When a film based on a book comes out, I feel the need to read the book before watching the movie.

36. I have an overactive imagination.

37. I am the eldest of 3 girls.

38. My brain is my own worst enemy; especially when I'm asleep.

39. When I finally do go to a movie I often enjoy going by myself more than with others.

40. I think most movies seen in the theater should be accompanied by popcorn; and that the popcorn should be freshly popped and drenched in butter and salt.

41. I'm bad with numbers

42. I can't go to a basketball game without nachos with tons of jalepeno's.

43. I love thunderstorms when I'm in the house curled up in front of a fire.

44. I prefer to be continually challenged.

45. I’ve never broken a bone and hope like hell that it stays that way.

46. I am more of a "one-of-the-guys" gal than a "girly-girl."

47. I think people who say "and this is where the magic happens" when showing off their bedrooms lack a great deal of imagination.

48. I'm a morning person

49. I am a fast walker, and have to actually try to walk slower when walking with people so as to not leave them completely behind.

50. I don’t drink coffee and don’t understand why people are slaves to it.

Wow! I can't believe I did it!!!


  1. Good job!

    You're going to think I'm so weird, girl, but you and I are A LOT alike. We do a lot of the exact same things. The small talk thing and feeling like people think you're standoffish---I get that a lot. People assume that because you don't say anything, you don't have anything to say. It's not that, it's just that we'd rather not say it---whether it's just unimportant, trivial, or we just don't feel like talking.

    There are a lot of other answers that I was like "wow..."

    Anyway, have a great weekend!


  2. Hmmmmmm!! Interesting. I might try this.

  3. I love Ramona Quimby. Her teacher was a butt for not letting her make her Qs the way she wanted to! I just saw the whole Ramona series this weekend at Barnes and Noble.