I Got This Baby!

I've had a GREAT DAY SO FAR! It's only 8am and I've already been to the gym at 5am, made happy-face pancakes, omelettes, country bacon, french toast and fresh squeezed orange juice for my family. I took everyone to school, hugged a tree, went to the grocery store and put all of my family of 7's groceries into recycle bags to carry home (it took 15 bags), had a fresh cup of coffee, read three chapters of Luke and I'm on way to tan in the back yard once I finish homeschooling Cayden for a little bit this morning.

NOT!!!!! I worked out at the gym from 9:30 to 10:30 last night after drinking 2 sips of a 5 hour energy drink and I was up until 2am. I tossed and turned cause I knew I shouldn't have drank that idiot's potion. It was HOT as hell all damn night so I was uncomfortable and sweaty. I don't have carpool today so I only had to take CJ to school. I have no idea what the big boys even had for breakfast but CJ had a bowl of fruitloops that he gulped down in 2.5 seconds cause I didn't wake up until 7:15. I only know it's Earth Day cause the news is on. I've never touched, let alone used a recycle bag at the grocery store and it would probably take 50 to get all my groceries home, I hate coffee and the smell of it makes me gag a little. I haven't touched my bible since Sunday, if I feel like it I may lay out but it's just too damn hot outside and Cayden's daddy needs to hurry up and get his bad butt into daycare before I turn into Mommy Dearest and beat his bad azz with a wire hanger.

There, I said it and I feel much better. Seriously though. I do feel better than I did yesterday. I had to go into Malcolm in the Middle mom mode to get it crackin in this house though. I know the boys all thought I was a little insane. I asked for clean rooms after school and I walked into Twin A's room to find him asleep in front of the game on tv. I walked downstairs to find Twin B sitting in the middle of that mess I took a picture of yesterday eating chocolate chip cookies and milk. I flipped and started cursing everyone out and took all cellphones, ipod shuffles, tv remotes, cable cords and game controllers and locked them in my room. "See me when your rooms and bathroom is clean".

Wow! funny how that works. I had sparkling rooms and even heard the vaccum going too. CJ even got a little nervous and started cleaning his room. I AM THE KING OF THE WORLD! Following my little spazz attack I decided to be nice and make the best fried chicken salad for dinner.

I am on my second day of my 8 day carb diet. Don't start! "Why you on a diet, you don't need to diet, you skinny bitch.blah blah blah". Everyone needs work. I've rarely had to diet, except that time I went on depo-provera and gained 17lbs but I wanted to do a little carb fast before heading to Texas because we all know Texas is
CARBLAND! I gained 8 lbs last time I was there. So if I loose 8lbs before I go I'll be perfect when I come back. I'm very concerned about the basketball tournament this weekend though. I'll be working the snackbar for most of the weekend and there is just no way to avoid those nachos with jalepenos. UGGGG!

Anyway, I have lots to do and I feel GREAT TODAY! Blessings to all


  1. Ha, I'm glad that first paragraph was just what you'd hoped happened. I was feeling inferior for a second! Once in college, I drank two Sobe No Fears to stay awake and studied and started having heart palpitations. Crazy.

    Good luck in Texas! Eat lots of yummies!