Loving Myself (Practice Makes Perfect) - A Poem

The Art of Loving myself is one I have yet to master
I have to practice...every single day...
There are times when I peer into the mirror and
the face staring back says...I am unworthy...
it taunts and teases me...attempting to shred
my self esteem
and in those moments...I know I am learning
to love myself...
I come to life and go to war with myself
in order to defend myself...
Civil War on the battleground
of my soul...a place where I fight the
demons of my life...
funny to say I got bounceback...I always say that
everyone believes that is true...everyone but me
I try to do so with no fear
I stand in the face of the old me
the one who hangs her head...
only good to make a bed...or in bed...hhmmm
and squeeze the life from me
she must be dead...in order for the enlightened me to
rise resurrected from ashes...of days gone by
and do so seemingly everyday
for the art of loving myself
is one I have yet to master
I will never stop practicing


  1. Hmmmmmm... I think many of us at one point in our lives struggle with all sorts of insecurities.

    "...in for the enlightened me to rise
    resurrected from ashes..." - I'm loving this line!

  2. You are more valuable than you will ever know and more capable than you ever thought. You just have to have faith in yourself.... Many others do. You can do ANYTHING ....ANYTHING you want to do....Trust yourself

  3. Woman---you're priceless! Believe it!