The Cougar

Why god Why!!!! Why in the hell did I get caught up in this IDIOTIC show last night? I'm so embarrassed but great writing material.

So last night I'm taking down my million braids. I started at 9:15 and was still taking them down well into midnight. Along the way I caught up on some tv. The premiere of the COUGAR was one of these shows. If you didn't catch this show the premise is a 40+ chickenhead looking for love. She chooses to only date men who are under 30.

This broke down version of Flavor of Love is even hosted by Miss Cougar herself, Vivica Fox who seems to be throwing FIRE to any man who may or may not be interested in Stacy as well. Poor Vivica... She had the potential to grow into a beautiful older woman but not too much surgery is making her a toss up between John Rivers, Priscilla Presley and Eartha Kitt.

Anyway, back to Stacy who is a mother of 4, lives in Scottsdale Arizona, is Top Producer at her real estate agency and looking for love. The 20 men introduced themselves in various ways but mostly making idiots with overthought song lyrics, jokes, poems etc.

The first man/boy actually looked liked she popped him out herself. Seriously he could have been her son both in looks and age. He was 21. This chickenhead even picked him as the first man to entire the house. Now the final part is what disgusted me the most.

THE KISSOFF- In her sexist voice Vivica says that five men will be going home tonight. If Stacy kisses you on the lips you are in the house. If she gives you her cheek you must leave. UUMMMMM YUCK!!! 20 strangers kissing my lips? I think not! She actually kissed 15 men in front of the other men. The smartest person on the show was the twin. He saw his brother go up first to get his kiss in the house. When it was his turn he said he would prefer a hug and thanks for letting him be on the show and left. I love it!

Vivica continues to call Stacy a cougar the whole show and each man refers to her...IN HER FACE as a Cougar. Talk about low self-esteem...or perhaps BEGGING, AND DOING ANYTHING for your 15 seconds.


  1. Yeah, I don't know why they keep producing mess like this either... I mean WHY do people watch this stuff? They just get dumber and dumber. I don't even watch VH1 anymore for that very reason, in fact, thinking about deleting the damn channel from my channel lineup so I don't even have to pass it as I'm flipping through the tube.

    I too think its hella gross to be making out with 20 random people. I mean, I believe in expressing your sexuality and all of that, BUT this whole "reality tv love crap" just gets on my damn nerves and I wish they'd just STOP making these ridiculous ass shows.

  2. That's really disturbing....

    I can't believe you gave in an watched that! Aha! :) I'm addicted to the Millionaire Matchmaker... Oh, come on! It's not as bad as the Cougar! lol