News In My State

A mix of good and bad on this day as I get ready to leave Cali for a few days...

My Saint Mary's Rams Girls are the Beast of Cali! Yesterday they sealed a State Championship...the 5th this decade! Yes, yes...SM Rams do it with not one senior on the squad. Repeat next year girls? I would love to see the boys take one to Arco in the next few year as well. Congrats to our State Champions!

On a much sadder note - Oakland continues to make national news in crime. Following the devasting effect that the BART killing has has had on Oakland, in which Oscar Grant, age 22 was killed by a Bart Police officer who has now been charged with murder, this weekend 3 Oakland SWAT team members were killed following a stand off with a parolee. A fourth officer remains in critical condition. This has been called the worst day in Oakland's police history. Never before have so many officers been killed in one day. The officers were killed following a search for a parolee with an extensive record following a traffic stop. Prayers go out to their families as well as the City of Oakland.

Finally, my March Madness dreams of victory in EVER winning a bracket challenge continue to decrease. The year of the Ox is suppose to be my year! I have 28 of 40 in correct picks and my Cali teams have all been knocked out! I can only hope to make up points in my final four! MARCH MADNESS CONTINUES!!!!

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