Nesha On Sports

Couple things have me caught up lately...couldn't come at a better time. Right before the start of March Madness! I love this season!

In Order of my greatest this week:

1. Anthony Brock missed his flight from Little Rock, Ark., to Knoxville on Saturday after attending his grandmother’s funeral. Good thing he didn’t miss the game. Brock hit a desperation 3-pointer at the buzzer to secure Alabama’s 70-67 upset of Tennessee on Sunday. The coaching staff had a flight for him and he missed it so he drove ALL NIGHT to get there.

The Vols had grabbed a 67-65 lead on a fastbreak dunk with 1:43 left. Alabama called hit a jumper from the free-throw line to tie the game at 67 with 1:15 left.The Vols ran the clock down, and the game appeared headed to overtime. Brock dribbled through traffic out of Alabama’s timeout and hit the game-winning shot—his only of the second half—as he tripped near the top of the key. Grandma was watching over her baby!

2. Saint Mary's of Stockton Continues their domination. Although I wish the boys were just a bit better (I have a feeling they will be in the upcoming years), the girls are ROLLIN!! They started off the 2008-2009 year ranked No. 1 in the country. After a few mishaps they fell quite a ways but have battled back to No. 21 according to ESPN, and No. 5 in California. Friday night they crushed the Sacramento Dragons to win Saint Marys 10th Section Championship in girls basketball and now the battle is on to be the best in Northern California. I have a feeling this is our year to take the State Championship. Fight on Rams!

Pictured above are Afure Jemerigbye and Chelsea Gray both ranked as Top 10 Juniors in the country.

3. Delta Fastbreak opens the season 2-0! So our little team opens the season in the Tice Valley League leading the pack. The boys have been hard at work since the high school season ended a few weeks ago. Hard work paid off on Sunday as Fastbreak fell right back into the flow of things. Although they had a few fouls, couple turn overs here and there, they stepped it up. First beating Vallejo High followed by the Diablo Valley Tarheels which was a AAU team with combination of stars from around the bay area. Nice work guys!


  1. I'm a sports girl, too! More NBA than college, but who doesn't love March Madness? Looking forward to reading more of your blog...

    Winks & Smiles,

  2. Wow looks like Jordan's trying to get some arms. Is it just the picture or have the big guys stopped growing?